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Rank Name Raised
1st #bikingwithbrody #bikingwithbrody $375
Members of #bikingwithbrody
12th roman korytko roman korytko $324
44th Greg Sorensen Greg Sorensen $52
N/A Ian Middleton Ian Middleton $0
N/A Linda McGill Linda McGill $0
N/A Will Prentice Will Prentice $0
2nd BDs & Cycle Burlington BDs & Cycle Burlington $600
Members of BDs & Cycle Burlington
3rd Martin Szydlowski Martin Szydlowski $600
N/A Jeff Guevarra Jeff Guevarra $0
N/A Michael Williams Michael Williams $0
N/A Peter Lejkowski Peter Lejkowski $0
N/A Zahan Khursigara Zahan Khursigara $0
N/A Brantford/Norfolk Brantford/Norfolk $0
Members of Brantford/Norfolk
N/A Cisco Riders Cisco Riders $0
Members of Cisco Riders
N/A Ian McBeth Ian McBeth $0
5th Cruise for a Cure Cruise for a Cure $75
Members of Cruise for a Cure
35th Kyle Waczko Kyle Waczko $75
N/A Rebecca Waczko Rebecca Waczko $0
N/A Rosemarie Mauer Rosemarie Mauer $0
N/A Sashira Gafic Sashira Gafic $0
6th Emmy's Emissaries Emmy's Emissaries $207
Members of Emmy's Emissaries
17th Scott Gillis Scott Gillis $207
N/A Cheryl (Sarah and Zoe) Climie-Smith Cheryl (Sarah and Zoe) Climie-Smith $0
N/A Grace United Grace United $0
Members of Grace United
N/A Grace Amos Grace Amos $0
N/A Little Green People Little Green People $0
Members of Little Green People
N/A Joel Haight Joel Haight $0
N/A Jorin Green Jorin Green $0
9th Pedal Pack Pedal Pack $104
Members of Pedal Pack
29th Della Ratcliffe Della Ratcliffe $104
N/A Chelsea Solomon Chelsea Solomon $0
10th Sport 2 Support Sport 2 Support $21
Members of Sport 2 Support
59th Sandeep Bajaj Sandeep Bajaj $21
N/A Swiss Re Slow Uphillers Swiss Re Slow Uphillers $0
Members of Swiss Re Slow Uphillers
N/A John Pfeffer John Pfeffer $0
N/A Maria Ossowska Maria Ossowska $0
N/A Team Alamos Gold Team Alamos Gold $0
Members of Team Alamos Gold
N/A Lynne Danis Lynne Danis $0
13th Team Utopia Team Utopia $70
Members of Team Utopia
41st David Walsh David Walsh $70
N/A Troy Roach Troy Roach $0
N/A Test Team Test Team $0
Members of Test Team
N/A Shane DeMerchant Shane DeMerchant $0
N/A The Expendables The Expendables $0
Members of The Expendables
N/A Ferlin Rands Ferlin Rands $0
N/A Michael Garnier Michael Garnier $0
16th The Pack Team The Pack Team $629
Members of The Pack Team
11th Michael Rilstone Michael Rilstone $326
N/A Tin Riders Tin Riders $0
Members of Tin Riders
N/A Gianni Difilippo Gianni Difilippo $0
N/A Jamie Lamont Jamie Lamont $0
18th Tour_du_Frendz Tour_du_Frendz $2,238
Members of Tour_du_Frendz
1st Sara Caners Sara Caners $1,295
13th Norm Beltrame Norm Beltrame $274
15th Rick Bueckert Rick Bueckert $261
19th Heather Caners Heather Caners $181
29th Jared Luptak Jared Luptak $104
29th Karen Jashyn Karen Jashyn $104
60th Jon Miller Jon Miller $20
N/A Adam Lerner Adam Lerner $0
N/A Claudia Faller Claudia Faller $0
N/A Enrique Tan Enrique Tan $0
N/A Irene Wasilewski Irene Wasilewski $0
N/A Lorenz Brucal Lorenz Brucal $0
N/A Rod Delisle Rod Delisle $0
19th TwoMoveYou Guaranteed Real Estate TwoMoveYou Guaranteed Real Estate $1,018
Members of TwoMoveYou Guaranteed Real Estate
6th Lori Igwe Lori Igwe $518
7th Victoria Carter Victoria Carter $500
N/A Kirk Rickman Kirk Rickman $0
N/A Wizards On Wheels Wizards On Wheels $0
Members of Wizards On Wheels
N/A Daniel Selsky Daniel Selsky $0
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