Rank Province Raised
1st state.Name ON $138,211
Top 5 fundraisers for ON
1st Jordan and Jesse Van Dyk Jordan and Jesse Van Dyk $8,424
2nd David Walsh David Walsh $5,777
3rd Bruno Torres Bruno Torres $5,299
4th Henrietta Olthoff Mulder Henrietta Olthoff Mulder $3,917
5th Kevin Westhead Kevin Westhead $3,766
2nd state.Name AB $23,537
Top 5 fundraisers for AB
77th Martin Wilkins Martin Wilkins $2,566
14th Mike Basse Mike Basse $2,256
32nd Mike Clark Mike Clark $1,019
36th Sandi Hoppins Sandi Hoppins $957
50th Tashelle Gariepy Tashelle Gariepy $791
3rd state.Name BC $19,366
Top 5 fundraisers for BC
11th Bob Simpson Bob Simpson $2,335
29th Paul Stanley Paul Stanley $1,112
43rd Tracy Franck Tracy Franck $850
57th Marieta Petrova Marieta Petrova $683
68th Chris Mazurkiewicz Chris Mazurkiewicz $579
4th state.Name QC $11,409
Top 5 fundraisers for QC
20th Tyler Ramsay Tyler Ramsay $1,394
40th Josee DiTomasso Josee DiTomasso $934
44th Cynthia Verdoni Cynthia Verdoni $839
62nd Marjorie McRae Marjorie McRae $655
96th Andy Bakker Andy Bakker $518
5th state.Name MB $9,384
Top 5 fundraisers for MB
12th Laurie Fischer Laurie Fischer $2,314
23rd Jennifer MacRae Jennifer MacRae $1,268
45th Mark Bristow Mark Bristow $833
135th Paulette Fowell Paulette Fowell $350
137th Carol Schepp Carol Schepp $347
6th state.Name NS $5,267
Top 5 fundraisers for NS
25th Marie Johnstone Marie Johnstone $1,229
37th Mary Pratt Mary Pratt $952
75th Norm Hanley Norm Hanley $554
139th Matthew Moore Matthew Moore $342
227th Ken Boutilier Ken Boutilier $199
7th state.Name NB $4,488
Top 5 fundraisers for NB
42nd Robert Poirier Robert Poirier $854
84th Stan MacNeil Stan MacNeil $533
119th Justin Price Justin Price $417
167th Gerry Pot Gerry Pot $274
8th state.Name SK $2,522
Top 5 fundraisers for SK
61st Peter Folk Peter Folk $662
145th Alison Sundeen Alison Sundeen $311
156th Parry Dorsey Parry Dorsey $290
184th Jenna Cassan Jenna Cassan $264
247th Erin McFarland Erin McFarland $174
9th state.Name NL $1,715
Top 5 fundraisers for NL
49th Mark Warren Mark Warren $796
161st Johannes (Jan) Negrijn Johannes (Jan) Negrijn $279
226th Keith and Doris Cormier Keith and Doris Cormier $200
255th Chris Cohlmeyer Chris Cohlmeyer $160
578th Sharon Leonard Sharon Leonard $72
10th state.Name PE $876
Top 5 fundraisers for PE
180th Mona Reck Mona Reck $270
213th Audrey Fraser Audrey Fraser $212
379th Barb Yorke Barb Yorke $104
415th Krista Dillon Krista Dillon $104
523rd Robert Judson Robert Judson $72
11th state.Name O/S $300
Top 5 fundraisers for Overseas
578th Jocelyn Modl Jocelyn Modl $72
756th Darren Gill Darren Gill $36
981st Jose Arturo Martinez Jose Arturo Martinez $5
N/A Rafael Reyna Hurtado Rafael Reyna Hurtado $0
12th state.Name YT $52
Top 5 fundraisers for YT
654th Ruth Ferguson Ruth Ferguson $52
N/A Heather Jones Heather Jones $0
N/A Eric Gaucher Eric Gaucher $0
N/A state.Name NT $0
Top 5 fundraisers for NT
N/A Wendy Eggenberger Wendy Eggenberger $0
N/A Ken Hill Ken Hill $0
N/A state.Name NU $0
Top 5 fundraisers for NU
N/A Liam Weaver Liam Weaver $0
Total: $217,128