The Peloton Club is to recognise those lycra legends who raise $1000+ to fight kids' cancer!

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Name Raised
Rick Stadler Rick Stadler 7years $52,588
Henrietta Olthoff Mulder Henrietta Olthoff Mulder 6years $31,848
Sandeep Bajaj Sandeep Bajaj 2years $31,538
Jarrod Russell Jarrod Russell 7years $30,996
Rick Matheson Rick Matheson $23,635
Leslie MacLeod Leslie MacLeod 5years $21,108
Joel Dalacker Joel Dalacker $19,483
Michael Riley Michael Riley 2years $16,356
Ramen Prasad Ramen Prasad 2years $6,828
Jonathan Isherwood Jonathan Isherwood 2years $15,012
Amin Noorani Amin Noorani 3years $14,387
Jean Gagnon Jean Gagnon 5years $14,101
Martin O'Gorman Martin O'Gorman 3years $14,056
Neil Pothier Neil Pothier 2years $13,926
Diane Declercq Diane Declercq 5years $13,685
Ravinder Rathore Ravinder Rathore 2years $13,101
Lucia Olynyk Lucia Olynyk $12,580
Peter Hrastovec Peter Hrastovec 4years $12,359
Amy Perrey Amy Perrey 6years $12,156
Akif Siddiqui Akif Siddiqui 2years $11,833
Mark Vidal Mark Vidal 2years $11,665
Martial Gerolami Martial Gerolami 4years $11,653
Scott Gooding Scott Gooding 3years $11,406
Mary Shirkie Mary Shirkie 5years $11,215
Michael Rilstone Michael Rilstone 2years $3,227
David Walsh David Walsh 3years $11,003
Lisa Seatter Lisa Seatter 6years $10,968
John Osborn John Osborn 6years $10,522
John Barrett John Barrett $10,470
Tracy Johnston Tracy Johnston 3years $10,361
Cory Li Cory Li 3years $10,302
Mary Pratt Mary Pratt 3years $10,202
Todd Woods Todd Woods 4years $10,125
Sandra Cole Sandra Cole 7years $10,006
Liz Goulding Liz Goulding $10,005
Suzanne Chamberland de Moissac Suzanne Chamberland de Moissac 7years $10,002
Kolten and Keegan Davis Kolten and Keegan Davis 3years $9,629
Jamie Lamont Jamie Lamont 6years $9,608
Brian Whitworth Brian Whitworth 3years $9,333
Bradley MacIntosh Bradley MacIntosh 2years $9,276
Sean Moore Sean Moore 5years $9,262
John Derrick John Derrick $9,038
David Pulla David Pulla 2years $8,566
Eric Kutschera Eric Kutschera 5years $8,562
Bob Loney Bob Loney 2years $8,500
Wayne Burke Wayne Burke $8,267
Joe Paquette Joe Paquette $8,251
Kathleen Thibodeau Kathleen Thibodeau $4,266
Nancy Friessen Nancy Friessen $8,228