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Rank Name Raised
1st Together We Ride Year 2 Together We Ride Year 2 $14,032
Members of Together We Ride Year 2
1st Henrietta Olthoff Mulder Henrietta Olthoff Mulder $4,963
20th ChrisandHarrie Van Hees ChrisandHarrie Van Hees $1,551
27th Sharon McQuade Sharon McQuade $1,325
33rd Zachary Wells Zachary Wells $1,243
43rd Ian Foss Ian Foss $1,051
54th Peter Leiss Peter Leiss $947
63rd Linda Moore Linda Moore $837
117th Lynn Todd-Harris Lynn Todd-Harris $532
120th Dianne Trask Dianne Trask $523
176th Octavio Penagos Torija Octavio Penagos Torija $347
198th Barbara Mann Barbara Mann $300
260th Leanne Brown Leanne Brown $191
362nd Terry Hurst Terry Hurst $104
474th Tina Scarlett Tina Scarlett $62
533rd Dean Floyd Dean Floyd $36
627th Ashley D McGregor Ashley D McGregor $21
N/A Basem Bugaigais Basem Bugaigais $0
N/A Dwayne Nelson Dwayne Nelson $0
N/A Fiona Higgs Fiona Higgs $0
N/A Gordon Williams Gordon Williams $0
N/A Kathy Wollny Kathy Wollny $0
N/A Lezli Kuntze Lezli Kuntze $0
N/A Simmigill Virk Simmigill Virk $0
N/A Suzanne Guest Suzanne Guest $0
N/A Teresa Jenkinson Teresa Jenkinson $0
2nd Tour_du_Frendz Tour_du_Frendz $9,877
Members of Tour_du_Frendz
4th Jon Miller Jon Miller $3,379
11th Sara Caners Sara Caners $2,001
29th Rick Bueckert Rick Bueckert $1,303
112th Ellie Lerner Ellie Lerner $538
133rd Laurie Fischer Laurie Fischer $500
143rd Adam Lerner Adam Lerner $470
183rd Bruce Gauthier Bruce Gauthier $329
207th Claudia Faller Claudia Faller $275
209th Norm Beltrame Norm Beltrame $274
241st Heather Caners Heather Caners $217
309th Joanne DeCruyenaere Joanne DeCruyenaere $140
362nd Jared Luptak Jared Luptak $104
362nd Karen Jashyn Karen Jashyn $104
439th Enrique Tan Enrique Tan $72
480th Marisa Hernandez Marisa Hernandez $52
533rd Darlene Fontaine Darlene Fontaine $36
607th Irene Wasilewski Irene Wasilewski $26
607th Loren Findlay Loren Findlay $26
627th Tanya Tan Tanya Tan $21
N/A Don Reimer Don Reimer $0
N/A Elizabeth Sproule Elizabeth Sproule $0
N/A Helena Edwards-Van-Muijen Helena Edwards-Van-Muijen $0
N/A Judy Schram Judy Schram $0
N/A Kiana Golzar Kiana Golzar $0
N/A Leslie Alvaro Leslie Alvaro $0
N/A Lorenz Brucal Lorenz Brucal $0
N/A Rod Delisle Rod Delisle $0
3rd Team Alamos Gold Team Alamos Gold $5,428
Members of Team Alamos Gold
6th Garry Bennett Garry Bennett $3,035
25th Ron Danis Ron Danis $1,446
220th Chris Pritchard Chris Pritchard $259
266th Samantha Ruck Samantha Ruck $181
271st August Burroughsford August Burroughsford $176
271st Freyja Burroughsford Freyja Burroughsford $176
439th Gilberto Gilberto De La Rosa Gilberto Gilberto De La Rosa $72
644th Lynne Danis Lynne Danis $10
N/A Hank Jien Hank Jien $0
N/A Joey Roy Joey Roy $0
N/A Khalid Elhaj Khalid Elhaj $0
N/A Lisa Cupelli Lisa Cupelli $0
N/A Rebecca Thompson Rebecca Thompson $0
N/A Vanessa Voakes Vanessa Voakes $0
4th The Geronimo’s The Geronimo’s $4,724
Members of The Geronimo’s
2nd Martial Gerolami Martial Gerolami $3,966
157th Malleus Simard Malleus Simard $402
266th Catherine Gerolami Catherine Gerolami $181
362nd Marty Simard Marty Simard $104
N/A Janice Keown Janice Keown $0
5th Team Utopia Team Utopia $3,981
Members of Team Utopia
9th David Walsh David Walsh $2,083
41st Al Muma Al Muma $1,106
209th Jefferson Broomes Jefferson Broomes $274
286th Austin cameron Austin cameron $160
318th Kathryn Chaddick Kathryn Chaddick $129
323rd Shelley Hitchens Shelley Hitchens $124
362nd Tom Howitt Tom Howitt $104
N/A Luigi Maone Luigi Maone $0
N/A Natalie Groh Natalie Groh $0
N/A Stephanie Zoschke Stephanie Zoschke $0
N/A Troy Roach Troy Roach $0
6th BDs & Cycle Burlington BDs & Cycle Burlington $2,852
Members of BDs & Cycle Burlington
37th Michael Williams Michael Williams $1,166
74th Martin Szydlowski Martin Szydlowski $704
96th Cynthia O’Halloran Cynthia O’Halloran $580
255th Peter Lejkowski Peter Lejkowski $202
300th Aous Churbaji Aous Churbaji $151
520th Denice Whytock Denice Whytock $50
N/A Branden Phillips Branden Phillips $0
N/A Domenic Perri Domenic Perri $0
N/A Freddy Amaya Freddy Amaya $0
N/A Jeff Guevarra Jeff Guevarra $0
N/A Zahan Khursigara Zahan Khursigara $0
7th Tin Riders Tin Riders $2,461
Members of Tin Riders
7th Jamie Lamont Jamie Lamont $2,461
N/A Alan Varghese Mekkattukulam Alan Varghese Mekkattukulam $0
N/A Gianni Difilippo Gianni Difilippo $0
8th Team Qais Team Qais $2,157
Members of Team Qais
51st Imran Khan Imran Khan $983
85th Aamir Khan Aamir Khan $617
214th Ashley Pearson Khan Ashley Pearson Khan $267
245th Sumayya Khan Sumayya Khan $207
639th Mohammed Aadil Mohammed Aadil $10
N/A Farrukh Sultan Farrukh Sultan $0
N/A Takbeer Fatima Takbeer Fatima $0
9th TwoMoveYou Guaranteed Real Estate TwoMoveYou Guaranteed Real Estate $2,090
Members of TwoMoveYou Guaranteed Real Estate
18th Victoria Carter Victoria Carter $1,572
124th Lori Igwe Lori Igwe $518
N/A Kirk Rickman Kirk Rickman $0
10th Lilu Hohmann Multipass Lilu Hohmann Multipass $2,027
Members of Lilu Hohmann Multipass
N/A Heather Carter Heather Carter $0
11th CycloFam CycloFam $1,886
Members of CycloFam
12th Martin Durocher Martin Durocher $1,886
N/A Lyndsay Cormier Lyndsay Cormier $0
12th #bikingwithbrody #bikingwithbrody $1,735
Members of #bikingwithbrody
131st roman korytko roman korytko $502
145th Paisley Fenton Paisley Fenton $445
165th Kelly Nicol Kelly Nicol $383
362nd Neil Kennington Neil Kennington $104
403rd John Wakefield John Wakefield $100
407th Jaime Pacreu Jaime Pacreu $98
480th Greg Sorensen Greg Sorensen $52
480th Will Prentice Will Prentice $52
N/A Aaron Jacob Aaron Jacob $0
N/A Ian Middleton Ian Middleton $0
N/A Linda McGill Linda McGill $0
N/A Tim Murphy Tim Murphy $0
13th Rotten Piece of Fish Rotten Piece of Fish $911
Members of Rotten Piece of Fish
56th Jeff Healy Jeff Healy $911
14th Riders of Shenanigins Riders of Shenanigins $890
Members of Riders of Shenanigins
59th Nathan Proud Nathan Proud $890
N/A Peter Clarke Peter Clarke $0
15th The Niagara Pack The Niagara Pack $825
Members of The Niagara Pack
23rd Michael Rilstone Michael Rilstone $522
16th Ardel Sask Wheels of Steel Ardel Sask Wheels of Steel $773
Members of Ardel Sask Wheels of Steel
66th Chad Fenrick Chad Fenrick $773
17th Team Sisyphus Team Sisyphus $757
Members of Team Sisyphus
78th Julie Brown Julie Brown $669
417th Darlene Forbes Darlene Forbes $88
18th Team T&T Team T&T $751
Members of Team T&T
141st Tova Davidson Tova Davidson $477
213th Tino Fernandes Tino Fernandes $274
19th Wonderwomen Wonderwomen $714
Members of Wonderwomen
92nd Pat Coad Pat Coad $590
323rd Wendy Webb Wendy Webb $124
N/A Sydney Marshall Sydney Marshall $0
20th Cisco Riders Cisco Riders $707
Members of Cisco Riders
88th Ian McBeth Ian McBeth $603
21st Shapat Gangs Shapat Gangs $627
Members of Shapat Gangs
202nd Hessam Kh Hessam Kh $283
264th Azadeh Shadkar Azadeh Shadkar $183
286th Vahid Mohammadi Vahid Mohammadi $160
N/A Ali Hosseini Ali Hosseini $0
N/A Marjan Mohammadi Marjan Mohammadi $0
22nd Pure Kitchen Elgin Pure Kitchen Elgin $571
Members of Pure Kitchen Elgin
101st Barry Bigras Barry Bigras $571
23rd The Expendables The Expendables $543
Members of The Expendables
111th Ferlin Rands Ferlin Rands $543
N/A Matt Thompson Matt Thompson $0
N/A Michael Garnier Michael Garnier $0
24th Rolling On Rolling On $512
Members of Rolling On
156th Sue Lethbridge Sue Lethbridge $409
362nd Victoria Watts Victoria Watts $104
25th Saskatoon Saddle Squad Saskatoon Saddle Squad $509
Members of Saskatoon Saddle Squad
127th Erin McFarland Erin McFarland $509
N/A Ellie Gelowitz Ellie Gelowitz $0
N/A Peter Folk Peter Folk $0
26th One Plant Peddlers One Plant Peddlers $506
Members of One Plant Peddlers
162nd Aidan Key Aidan Key $394
424th conner Greencorn conner Greencorn $78
N/A Ashley Stewart Ashley Stewart $0
N/A Devon Cook Devon Cook $0
N/A Richie Brazil Richie Brazil $0
N/A ryan grenville ryan grenville $0
27th Idol Idol $501
Members of Idol
132nd Sura Alasady Sura Alasady $501
28th Eleristrong Eleristrong $485
Members of Eleristrong
203rd Deana Sarchfield Deana Sarchfield $280
253rd Heather MacKinnon Ramier Heather MacKinnon Ramier $205
29th AMA Dojo AMA Dojo $428
Members of AMA Dojo
232nd Michael Percival Michael Percival $228
351st Raneesh K Raneesh K $113
480th David Johnson David Johnson $52
533rd Karan Saini Karan Saini $36
N/A Kaitlin Trafford Kaitlin Trafford $0
30th CommScope CommScope $398
Members of CommScope
160th Shawn Brown Shawn Brown $398
N/A Hayden Barker Hayden Barker $0
31st NorthBayRiders2022 NorthBayRiders2022 $374
Members of NorthBayRiders2022
168th Jonathan Miller Jonathan Miller $374
32nd Emmy's Emissaries Emmy's Emissaries $331
Members of Emmy's Emissaries
245th Scott Gillis Scott Gillis $207
323rd Colin Climie Colin Climie $124
N/A Cheryl (Sarah and Zoe) Climie-Smith Cheryl (Sarah and Zoe) Climie-Smith $0
N/A Peter Barber Peter Barber $0
N/A Sue Smythe Sue Smythe $0
33rd Payrollin’ Payrollin’ $326
Members of Payrollin’
362nd Courtney Clarke Courtney Clarke $104
N/A Andrew Wigglesworth Andrew Wigglesworth $0
34th Ride For Hope Ride For Hope $311
Members of Ride For Hope
191st Ellery lewis Ellery lewis $311
N/A David Clare David Clare $0
N/A Max Thompson Max Thompson $0
35th RacerSportif RacerSportif $311
Members of RacerSportif
192nd John Hakim John Hakim $311
N/A chantal Mizerski chantal Mizerski $0
36th Agalateya Agalateya $298
Members of Agalateya
271st Mohamed Ahmed Mohamed Ahmed $176
439th Ahmed Adel Ahmed Adel $72
N/A Amal Elged Amal Elged $0
N/A Mohammed Abu-Gabal El Sayed Mohammed Abu-Gabal El Sayed $0
37th Fundy Friends Fundy Friends $285
Members of Fundy Friends
245th Allan Morris Allan Morris $207
424th Julien Renaud Julien Renaud $78
N/A Jacques Desjardins Jacques Desjardins $0
38th Kickin' Asphalt. Kickin' Asphalt. $263
Members of Kickin' Asphalt.
218th Leanne Dupuis-watson Leanne Dupuis-watson $263
N/A Chris Gerus Chris Gerus $0
39th Coasters Coasters $255
Members of Coasters
270th Lesley Edwards Lesley Edwards $180
529th Wendy St Pierre Wendy St Pierre $38
530th Shannon Lane Shannon Lane $37
N/A Jennifer St Pierre Jennifer St Pierre $0
40th The Wack Riders! The Wack Riders! $233
Members of The Wack Riders!
229th Lurdes Silva Balfour Lurdes Silva Balfour $233
41st CM-Leathal Weapons CM-Leathal Weapons $228
Members of CM-Leathal Weapons
285th Erin Rappaport Erin Rappaport $171
533rd Daniel Atack Daniel Atack $36
N/A Bettina Wulffsen Bettina Wulffsen $0
N/A Glaucimar Lima Glaucimar Lima $0
N/A Julien Gagnier Julien Gagnier $0
N/A Marc Lievin Marc Lievin $0
N/A Raffi Philippossian Raffi Philippossian $0
N/A vicken philippossian vicken philippossian $0
42nd Spandex Spandex $207
Members of Spandex
245th Steve Owens Steve Owens $207
N/A Casey Owens Casey Owens $0
43rd Really Cool People Really Cool People $200
Members of Really Cool People
256th Matthew Chippin Matthew Chippin $200
44th Corry A Huffman to be changed Corry A Huffman to be changed $190
Members of Corry A Huffman to be changed
262nd Corry Huffman Corry Huffman $190
N/A Jessica Wessels Jessica Wessels $0
45th Team Sarah Team Sarah $174
Members of Team Sarah
277th Mark Hamby Mark Hamby $174
N/A Kiarra H Kiarra H $0
46th Re-Cyclers Re-Cyclers $155
Members of Re-Cyclers
362nd Daniel Haughian Daniel Haughian $104
480th Aura Skjenna Aura Skjenna $52
N/A Alyssa Bischoff Alyssa Bischoff $0
47th Biking Bears Biking Bears $150
Members of Biking Bears
303rd Gerald Leahy Gerald Leahy $150
48th Biker Chics Biker Chics $138
Members of Biker Chics
480th Brenda Pentland Brenda Pentland $52
520th Heather Peel Heather Peel $50
533rd Maureen Gerofsky Maureen Gerofsky $36
49th Elijah's Warriors ❤️🧡💙 Elijah's Warriors ❤️🧡💙 $124
Members of Elijah's Warriors ❤️🧡💙
323rd Paul Langendoen Paul Langendoen $124
N/A Melanie Duke Melanie Duke $0
49th Team OZ Team OZ $124
Members of Team OZ
323rd Laura McSloy Laura McSloy $124