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Rank Name Raised
1st Together We Ride Together We Ride $27,297
Members of Together We Ride
2nd Henrietta Olthoff Mulder Henrietta Olthoff Mulder $5,550
10th Sharon McQuade Sharon McQuade $3,187
14th Diane Dempsey Diane Dempsey $2,610
18th Zachary Wells Zachary Wells $2,110
22nd Walburga Pagniello Walburga Pagniello $1,720
37th Lynn Todd-Harris Lynn Todd-Harris $1,035
52nd Linda Moore Linda Moore $845
58th Sharon Baptie Sharon Baptie $795
62nd Barbara Mann Barbara Mann $733
63rd Lezli Kuntze Lezli Kuntze $730
65th Ian Foss Ian Foss $725
68th Nadine Noble Nadine Noble $710
69th Mathew Oleskiw Mathew Oleskiw $700
71st Kathy Wollny Kathy Wollny $675
89th Elena Pollarolo Elena Pollarolo $550
96th Dianne Trask Dianne Trask $532
123rd Elizabeth Lizzy Kitties Elizabeth Lizzy Kitties $486
128th Tina Scarlett Tina Scarlett $450
134th Andrew Campbell Andrew Campbell $410
159th Jodie Mann Jodie Mann $305
171st Will Prentice Will Prentice $270
191st Fiona Higgs Fiona Higgs $245
216th Jérémie Lamothe Gémus Jérémie Lamothe Gémus $200
228th Melissa Wollny Melissa Wollny $190
234th Suzanne Guest Suzanne Guest $185
253rd Jason Gosnay Jason Gosnay $155
253rd Jefferson Broomes Jefferson Broomes $155
259th Dana Coulombe Dana Coulombe $150
259th Michelle Buchanan Michelle Buchanan $150
272nd Barbara Belanger Barbara Belanger $140
315th Anton Bazhal Anton Bazhal $100
315th Sandeep Ghotra Sandeep Ghotra $100
363rd Teresa Jenkinson Teresa Jenkinson $95
385th Raymond Wood Raymond Wood $70
464th Muskan Verma Muskan Verma $45
465th Juanita Maillet Juanita Maillet $40
470th Bill Ecker Bill Ecker $35
470th Heidi Abbey-Der Heidi Abbey-Der $35
470th Vicki Porteous Vicki Porteous $35
539th Jen Samuel Jen Samuel $25
553rd Phill Albert Phill Albert $20
N/A Ana Cantoni Ana Cantoni $0
N/A Anthony Patrick Saoud Anthony Patrick Saoud $0
N/A Ashley D McGregor Ashley D McGregor $0
N/A Brad Dietrich Brad Dietrich $0
N/A Casey Mercier Casey Mercier $0
N/A Cheryl Argue Cheryl Argue $0
N/A Dean Floyd Dean Floyd $0
N/A Debbie Armstrong Debbie Armstrong $0
N/A Heather Parton Heather Parton $0
N/A Larissa Spain Larissa Spain $0
N/A Maddison Cochrane Maddison Cochrane $0
N/A Nik Groot Nik Groot $0
N/A Patti Kaeding Patti Kaeding $0
N/A Simmigill Virk Simmigill Virk $0
N/A Yacimar Barajas Yacimar Barajas $0
2nd Tour du Frendz Tour du Frendz $6,445
Members of Tour du Frendz
9th Jon Miller Jon Miller $3,245
60th Rick Bueckert Rick Bueckert $755
63rd Sara Caners Sara Caners $730
104th Claudia Faller Claudia Faller $510
149th Adrian Robertson Adrian Robertson $335
216th Karen Jashyn Karen Jashyn $200
242nd Tanya Tan Tanya Tan $170
281st Heather Caners Heather Caners $130
306th Rod Delisle Rod Delisle $115
315th Jared Luptak Jared Luptak $100
427th Enrique Tan Enrique Tan $50
427th Marisa Hernandez Marisa Hernandez $50
470th Joanne DeCruyenaere Joanne DeCruyenaere $35
553rd Jason Danao Jason Danao $20
N/A Adam Lerner Adam Lerner $0
N/A Andrew Grove Andrew Grove $0
N/A Angelie Danao Angelie Danao $0
N/A Angelo Bohol Angelo Bohol $0
N/A Darlene Fontaine Darlene Fontaine $0
N/A Irene Wasilewski Irene Wasilewski $0
N/A Jonathan Low Jonathan Low $0
N/A Leslie Alvaro Leslie Alvaro $0
N/A Norm Beltrame Norm Beltrame $0
3rd Canadian Ski Patrol, Sweep Canadian Ski Patrol, Sweep $5,156
Members of Canadian Ski Patrol, Sweep
3rd Denis Dion Denis Dion $5,051
425th Michèle Larouche Michèle Larouche $55
N/A Tracey Sheldrick Tracey Sheldrick $0
Members of TEAM BRAXY
5th Jarrod Russell Jarrod Russell $4,103
N/A Nancy Miciak Nancy Miciak $0
5th L.O.R.I L.O.R.I $3,105
Members of L.O.R.I
40th Natalie & Oliver Neville Natalie & Oliver Neville $1,005
45th Mike Bryck Mike Bryck $940
92nd Tina Neville Tina Neville $545
99th Jim Curry Jim Curry $520
369th Jeremy Kersey Jeremy Kersey $85
N/A Ashley Mutch Ashley Mutch $0
N/A Vibhu Soni Vibhu Soni $0
6th Tin Riders Tin Riders $2,280
Members of Tin Riders
16th Jamie Lamont Jamie Lamont $2,280
N/A Fergal Murphy Fergal Murphy $0
N/A Ronan Wilson Ronan Wilson $0
7th The Goldings The Goldings $2,171
Members of The Goldings
17th Jordan Golding Jordan Golding $2,171
8th Fifties Fire Quackers Fifties Fire Quackers $1,920
Members of Fifties Fire Quackers
73rd Susan Gould Susan Gould $660
83rd Lynne Niepage Lynne Niepage $595
146th Mary-jo Lambert Mary-jo Lambert $340
152nd Sherry Clouse Sherry Clouse $325
9th ABI Cyclists ABI Cyclists $1,875
Members of ABI Cyclists
25th Roger Smith Roger Smith $1,435
155th Stan MacNeil Stan MacNeil $320
283rd Andre Vautour Andre Vautour $120
10th Sons of Abraham Sons of Abraham $1,681
Members of Sons of Abraham
24th Andrew Gergely Andrew Gergely $1,609
11th The Blue Hearts The Blue Hearts $1,340
Members of The Blue Hearts
54th Lucio Caterina Lucio Caterina $830
104th Mourad Belhocine Mourad Belhocine $510
N/A Bruce Lalime Bruce Lalime $0
N/A Galaxy Phan Galaxy Phan $0
12th SCMBC - Wheeling for a Cure SCMBC - Wheeling for a Cure $1,190
Members of SCMBC - Wheeling for a Cure
104th Andrew Lilly Andrew Lilly $510
212th Joel Andrews Joel Andrews $205
272nd Bob Davidson Bob Davidson $140
311th Tom Howitt Tom Howitt $105
365th Blake Fick Blake Fick $90
385th Beth Hofman Beth Hofman $70
385th Simon Mena Simon Mena $70
13th Team Ben Team Ben $1,180
Members of Team Ben
33rd Katie Bouma Katie Bouma $1,180
N/A Amanda Bouma Amanda Bouma $0
14th Fedorowich Riders Fedorowich Riders $1,135
Members of Fedorowich Riders
74th Jay Fedorowich Jay Fedorowich $635
110th Ashley Fedorowich Ashley Fedorowich $500
15th Big Ass Riders Big Ass Riders $1,110
Members of Big Ass Riders
36th Josee DiTomasso Josee DiTomasso $1,060
427th Linda DiMatteo Linda DiMatteo $50
N/A Lisa Thornton Lisa Thornton $0
N/A Nancy Di Matteo Nancy Di Matteo $0
N/A Sylvie Leduc Sylvie Leduc $0
16th Riding for our heros Riding for our heros $1,000
Members of Riding for our heros
110th Anne Godin Anne Godin $500
110th Paulette Belanger Paulette Belanger $500
17th Pinoyrello Team Pinoyrello Team $990
Members of Pinoyrello Team
42nd Gino Ocampo Gino Ocampo $990
18th Ryley’s Riders Ryley’s Riders $850
Members of Ryley’s Riders
51st Tim Martin Tim Martin $850
19th Team Dupuis Team Dupuis $785
Members of Team Dupuis
93rd Allison Anckaert Allison Anckaert $535
259th Ryan Dupuis Ryan Dupuis $150
20th The Geronimo's The Geronimo's $750
Members of The Geronimo's
104th Martial Gerolami Martial Gerolami $510
192nd Rhéaume Rochefort Rhéaume Rochefort $240
21st Too Tentacool For You Too Tentacool For You $749
Members of Too Tentacool For You
61st Emily McLaughlin Emily McLaughlin $749
22nd Wolf Pack Wolf Pack $675
Members of Wolf Pack
108th Sam Miller Sam Miller $505
242nd Claire McInroy Claire McInroy $170
23rd Team Guinness Team Guinness $640
Members of Team Guinness
160th David Walsh David Walsh $300
311th Shelley Hitchens Shelley Hitchens $105
427th Kathryn Chaddick Kathryn Chaddick $50
470th Natalie Groh Natalie Groh $35
N/A Amy Renton Amy Renton $0
N/A Colleen Parr Colleen Parr $0
N/A Paul Morneault Paul Morneault $0
24th Burlington / Waterdown Dads Burlington / Waterdown Dads $615
Members of Burlington / Waterdown Dads
199th Domenic Perri Domenic Perri $225
216th Michael Williams Michael Williams $200
238th David Pugliese David Pugliese $190
N/A Jack Gremmen Jack Gremmen $0
N/A Matt Fowler Matt Fowler $0
25th Team Batchoy Reloaded Team Batchoy Reloaded $595
Members of Team Batchoy Reloaded
83rd Sofronio Garrucho Sofronio Garrucho $595
N/A Edgar Alconcel Edgar Alconcel $0
N/A Keith Regel Keith Regel $0
N/A Rene Robles Rene Robles $0
26th Team Sarah Team Sarah $580
Members of Team Sarah
183rd Tyler Garcia Tyler Garcia $250
283rd Mark Hamby Mark Hamby $120
420th Kiarra H Kiarra H $60
N/A Amanda Garcia Amanda Garcia $0
27th Rip’n donuts Rip’n donuts $570
Members of Rip’n donuts
110th Richard Teixeira Richard Teixeira $500
470th kolten Davis kolten Davis $35
N/A Robyn Noel Robyn Noel $0
28th B and B Start-up Nation B and B Start-up Nation $530
Members of B and B Start-up Nation
160th Peter Courtney Peter Courtney $300
198th Norm Hanley Norm Hanley $230
29th Every day we be payrollin’ Every day we be payrollin’ $450
Members of Every day we be payrollin’
315th Courtney Clarke Courtney Clarke $100
315th Elizabeth Seymour Elizabeth Seymour $100
N/A Aaron Brook Aaron Brook $0
N/A Matt Cave Matt Cave $0
N/A WIll Freeman WIll Freeman $0
30th Emmy's Emissaries Emmy's Emissaries $375
Members of Emmy's Emissaries
169th Colin Climie Colin Climie $275
315th Tracey Vance Tracey Vance $100
N/A Cheryl (Sarah and Zoe) Climie-Smith Cheryl (Sarah and Zoe) Climie-Smith $0
N/A Peter Barber Peter Barber $0
N/A Scott Gillis Scott Gillis $0
N/A Sue Smythe Sue Smythe $0
31st Illuminate Viam Illuminate Viam $340
Members of Illuminate Viam
242nd Brenda Chikoski Brenda Chikoski $170
315th Richard Henry Richard Henry $100
470th Deborah Law Deborah Law $35
N/A Kurt Daniel Horner Kurt Daniel Horner $0
Members of SKOBIKN
206th Lydia Sturby Lydia Sturby $220
315th Brett Bourne Brett Bourne $100
33rd Brink's Money Pedalers Brink's Money Pedalers $300
Members of Brink's Money Pedalers
216th Madison Hay Madison Hay $200
315th joe carr joe carr $100
N/A Ben Petersen Ben Petersen $0
N/A Madison Jr Hay Madison Jr Hay $0
33rd Elliana VS Leukemia Elliana VS Leukemia $300
Members of Elliana VS Leukemia
315th Bonnie Thornington Bonnie Thornington $100
427th Matthew Thornington Matthew Thornington $50
N/A Adrian Maurer Adrian Maurer $0
N/A Amy Maurer Amy Maurer $0
N/A Anna Maurer Anna Maurer $0
33rd Team Awesom-O Team Awesom-O $300
Members of Team Awesom-O
160th Tania Ardley Tania Ardley $300
N/A Tekenikhon Doreen Tekenikhon Doreen $0
36th Canadian Truckers Care Canadian Truckers Care $278
Members of Canadian Truckers Care
168th Dan Dickey Dan Dickey $278
N/A Zachary Dickey Zachary Dickey $0
37th CommScope Canada CommScope Canada $265
Members of CommScope Canada
470th Shawn Brown Shawn Brown $35
N/A Greg Moryc Greg Moryc $0
N/A Hayden Barker Hayden Barker $0
N/A Neil Ireland Neil Ireland $0
38th LetsPedalForCancer_AB LetsPedalForCancer_AB $255
Members of LetsPedalForCancer_AB
179th Rene Galme Rene Galme $255
N/A Daphne Galme Daphne Galme $0
39th Baby Tessa's Army Baby Tessa's Army $240
Members of Baby Tessa's Army
236th Chris Bradley Chris Bradley $180
40th Inspire Team Inspire Team $235
Members of Inspire Team
196th Erasmo Santos Erasmo Santos $235
40th Team MJ Team MJ $235
Members of Team MJ
216th Tariq Maruf Tariq Maruf $200
470th Mohammed Javed Maruf Mohammed Javed Maruf $35
N/A Hamzah Maruf Hamzah Maruf $0
40th The Bojahras The Bojahras $235
Members of The Bojahras
279th Joshua Bojahra Joshua Bojahra $135
315th Brittany Dixon Brittany Dixon $100
43rd Gravel Sloths Gravel Sloths $205
Members of Gravel Sloths
306th Luc Godin Luc Godin $115
365th Joel Daigle Joel Daigle $90
43rd Speedy Cancer Crushers Speedy Cancer Crushers $205
Members of Speedy Cancer Crushers
212th Ian Lewis Ian Lewis $205
45th Zach’s Pack Zach’s Pack $180
Members of Zach’s Pack
425th Zachary Allen Zachary Allen $55
N/A Melissa French Melissa French $0
46th Lions Crushing Childhood Cancer Lions Crushing Childhood Cancer $160
Members of Lions Crushing Childhood Cancer
427th Randy Hargrave Randy Hargrave $50
47th The Great Lake Riders The Great Lake Riders $150
Members of The Great Lake Riders
259th Barbara Mingie Barbara Mingie $150
48th OPS Riders' OPS Riders' $145
Members of OPS Riders'
379th Zahid (Zee) Javed Zahid (Zee) Javed $75
N/A C B C B $0
N/A Galina Vrabiye Galina Vrabiye $0
49th Focus Fitness Focus Fitness $140
Members of Focus Fitness
272nd Avery Suzuki Avery Suzuki $140
N/A Kaelin Baydock Kaelin Baydock $0
N/A Steph Grossi Steph Grossi $0
50th Motivation Motivation $130
Members of Motivation
194th Linda Wiebe Linda Wiebe $110
553rd Larissa Munroe Larissa Munroe $20
N/A Angela Biyak Angela Biyak $0
N/A Chris Benson Chris Benson $0
N/A Kelly Munroe Kelly Munroe $0
N/A Kristin McCrindle Kristin McCrindle $0