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Rank Name Raised
1st Team Evan Team Evan $5,487.49
Members of Team Evan
N/A Suzanne Guest Suzanne Guest $0
N/A Trudy Conway Trudy Conway $0
2nd Tour du Frendz Tour du Frendz $5,000
Members of Tour du Frendz
N/A Darlene Fontaine Darlene Fontaine $0
N/A Norm Beltrame Norm Beltrame $0
3rd Jon's Avengers Jon's Avengers $1,069
Members of Jon's Avengers
2nd Jon Miller Jon Miller $1,069
4th Going the Distance Going the Distance $750
Members of Going the Distance
6th Mervin Reibin Mervin Reibin $600
51st Ken Hill Ken Hill $100
90th Katharina Heinrichs Katharina Heinrichs $50
N/A Katharine Young Katharine Young $0
N/A Kathy Spence Kathy Spence $0
N/A Trevor Beardy Trevor Beardy $0
5th Ash & Larry's Ride to Fight Kids Cancer Ash & Larry's Ride to Fight Kids Cancer $740
Members of Ash & Larry's Ride to Fight Kids Cancer
N/A Ashley Harrison Ashley Harrison $0
N/A Larry Harrison Larry Harrison $0
6th Nu Vue Exteriors Nu Vue Exteriors $700
Members of Nu Vue Exteriors
N/A alvin mccready alvin mccready $0
N/A Deb Vanderwal Deb Vanderwal $0
N/A Ryan Niessen Ryan Niessen $0
7th ABI Cyclists ABI Cyclists $420
Members of ABI Cyclists
11th Roger Smith Roger Smith $420
8th Emmy's Emissaries Emmy's Emissaries $340
Members of Emmy's Emissaries
17th Cheryl (Sarah and Zoe) Climie-Smith Cheryl (Sarah and Zoe) Climie-Smith $240
51st Scott Gillis Scott Gillis $100
N/A Peter Barber Peter Barber $0
9th Team Curranuel Team Curranuel $325
Members of Team Curranuel
22nd Michelle Currie Michelle Currie $200
77th Kenny Currie Kenny Currie $75
90th Bob Manuel Bob Manuel $50
N/A roxanne roxanne roxanne roxanne $0
10th Wheelie Awesome Riders Wheelie Awesome Riders $249
Members of Wheelie Awesome Riders
31st Amanda Huxter Amanda Huxter $150
75th Karen Malone Karen Malone $99
11th Tess and Kye Tess and Kye $180
Members of Tess and Kye
25th Tess Egan Tess Egan $180
N/A Kye Egan-Robinson Kye Egan-Robinson $0
12th Angels for crystal Angels for crystal $100
Members of Angels for crystal
51st Kayden Sotski Kayden Sotski $100
12th Ingersoll Riders Ingersoll Riders $100
Members of Ingersoll Riders
51st Henrietta Olthoff Mulder Henrietta Olthoff Mulder $100
14th Shut-Up Legs Shut-Up Legs $85
Members of Shut-Up Legs
106th Marcia Gee Marcia Gee $35
106th Vicki Porteous Vicki Porteous $35
142nd Jason Rainville Jason Rainville $15
N/A Aaron Hughes Aaron Hughes $0
N/A Elizabeth Lizzy Kitties Elizabeth Lizzy Kitties $0
N/A Erasmo Santos Erasmo Santos $0
N/A George Homer George Homer $0
N/A Mike Bryck Mike Bryck $0
15th CleanEnergy CleanEnergy $50
Members of CleanEnergy
90th Matthew Wright Matthew Wright $50
16th Team Zachary MTB Riders Team Zachary MTB Riders $40
Members of Team Zachary MTB Riders
104th Jonathan Cook Jonathan Cook $40
N/A Sylvia Cook Sylvia Cook $0
17th Candian Ski Patrol Sweep Candian Ski Patrol Sweep $35
Members of Candian Ski Patrol Sweep
106th Denis Dion Denis Dion $35
17th Dornochers Dornochers $35
Members of Dornochers
106th Tracy Oates Tracy Oates $35
N/A Don Oates Don Oates $0
17th Sunco Communications and Installation Ltd Sunco Communications and Installation Ltd $35
Members of Sunco Communications and Installation Ltd
106th Jason Woods Jason Woods $35
N/A Wes Schoenberger Wes Schoenberger $0
21st Roller Coasters Roller Coasters $20
Members of Roller Coasters
133rd Fiona Borland Fiona Borland $20
N/A Sylvie Gagne Sylvie Gagne $0
21st Waterloo iNCRedibles Waterloo iNCRedibles $20
Members of Waterloo iNCRedibles
133rd Cole Vander Veen Cole Vander Veen $20
N/A Pooja Joshi Pooja Joshi $0
N/A Tino Fernandes Tino Fernandes $0
N/A 1000 Islands 1000 Islands $0
Members of 1000 Islands
N/A Simon O’Reilly Simon O’Reilly $0
N/A Antar Antar $0
Members of Antar
N/A Inass Antar Inass Antar $0
N/A Black Fox Cycling Black Fox Cycling $0
Members of Black Fox Cycling
N/A Darryl Campbell Darryl Campbell $0
N/A Shawn Carron Shawn Carron $0
N/A Chain Reaction Chain Reaction $0
Members of Chain Reaction
N/A Sonia Morrison Sonia Morrison $0
N/A Dassault Systèmes Dassault Systèmes $0
Members of Dassault Systèmes
N/A Valerie Dumais Valerie Dumais $0
N/A Godesiz Godesiz $0
Members of Godesiz
N/A Kuljinder Singh Kuljinder Singh $0
N/A Prabhpal Bhullar Prabhpal Bhullar $0
N/A Jenny and The Shifters Jenny and The Shifters $0
Members of Jenny and The Shifters
N/A Jennifer Baron Jennifer Baron $0
N/A Legs for days 🔥 Legs for days 🔥 $0
Members of Legs for days 🔥
N/A Beth McBride Beth McBride $0
N/A Jessica Birchfield Jessica Birchfield $0
N/A Marathi Josh Marathi Josh $0
Members of Marathi Josh
N/A Amol Sagare Amol Sagare $0
N/A Hemant Bhadane Hemant Bhadane $0
N/A Parag Arvikar Parag Arvikar $0
N/A Sachin Patil Sachin Patil $0
N/A Suresh Bhagwat Suresh Bhagwat $0
N/A National Canadian Girl-New Brunswick National Canadian Girl-New Brunswick $0
Members of National Canadian Girl-New Brunswick
N/A Jasmine Dimayacyac Jasmine Dimayacyac $0
N/A Personal Fitness Class 2020 Personal Fitness Class 2020 $0
Members of Personal Fitness Class 2020
N/A Trevor Thompson Trevor Thompson $0
N/A Repsol Team Repsol Team $0
Members of Repsol Team
N/A Georgina Chong Georgina Chong $0
N/A Reservoir Dogs Reservoir Dogs $0
Members of Reservoir Dogs
N/A Troy Berry Troy Berry $0
N/A Ride for the Kids Ride for the Kids $0
Members of Ride for the Kids
N/A Ken Boutilier Ken Boutilier $0
N/A Slipstreamers Slipstreamers $0
Members of Slipstreamers
N/A Cathy Jansen Cathy Jansen $0
N/A Spartans Spartans $0
Members of Spartans
N/A Mohamed shaideen Mohamed shaideen $0
N/A Shaheen Muhsin Shaheen Muhsin $0
N/A Suncycle Suncycle $0
Members of Suncycle
N/A Mathew Gill Mathew Gill $0
N/A paulette gill paulette gill $0
N/A Team Aazil Team Aazil $0
Members of Team Aazil
N/A Gulrez Khan Gulrez Khan $0
N/A Team Redmud Team Redmud $0
Members of Team Redmud
N/A Dwayne Doucette Dwayne Doucette $0
N/A Team Rob & Jenn Team Rob & Jenn $0
Members of Team Rob & Jenn
N/A robert hacault robert hacault $0
Members of TEAM-HGS
N/A Lisa Woodgate Lisa Woodgate $0
N/A solomon kappala solomon kappala $0
N/A TeamManz TeamManz $0
Members of TeamManz
N/A Tamara Manzillo Tamara Manzillo $0
N/A Two Wheelers Two Wheelers $0
Members of Two Wheelers
N/A Arun Iyer Arun Iyer $0
N/A Kishen Pais Kishen Pais $0
N/A Yashashree Chaugule Yashashree Chaugule $0
N/A veloYOW veloYOW $0
Members of veloYOW
N/A Chris Griffin Chris Griffin $0
N/A Vincent Design Vincent Design $0
Members of Vincent Design
N/A Chris Redekop Chris Redekop $0
N/A Wallaceburg Biking Community Wallaceburg Biking Community $0
Members of Wallaceburg Biking Community
N/A Sherri-Anne Wills Sherri-Anne Wills $0
N/A Wheelpower Wheelpower $0
Members of Wheelpower
N/A Shelly DeWolfe Shelly DeWolfe $0
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