How to Bank Offline Donations

If your friends have sponsored you via cash or check, read the information below to learn how you can add the donations to your page, deposit the funds and issue receipts to your sponsors.

You can use this handy pledge form to keep track of your offline donations. All offline donations should be added to your fundraising page (through your dashboard) to allow us to issue receipts to your sponsors.

You can pay in each donation as you go, or you can pay all your offline donations in one transaction (at the end of your fundraising).

Step 1: Add offline donations to your page

Follow these steps to add your offline donations to your fundraising page.

Step 1: Log in to your fundraising page

Step 2: Go to 'Add Cash Donations'

Step 3: Add the details of each donation (including your donor's email and postal address for receipt purposes).

Step 4: Hit 'Save'

Your offline donation will be added to your fundraising page total and be ready to be paid (to issue a receipt to your sponsor).

Step 2: Pay / bank your donations

To make sure your cash or check donations go to fight kids' cancer, you need to bank the funds you received from your sponsors.

There are two ways to deposit your funds:

1. Pay in your Cash Donations (quick and easy)

If you've received cash donations from your friends, you can simply pay these online through your fundraising page (via your credit card).

Step 1: Go to 'Add Cash Donations' (once logged in to the website, not the app)

Step 2: Select the donations you want to pay

Note: You can pay each donation individually by either PayPal or Credit Card or pay all your cash donations in one Credit Card payment.

Step 3: Hit 'Pay Offline Donations'

Your sponsors will automatically be issued with receipts (via email).

2. Send in Cheques via the Post

Step 1: Print off this form and complete it with your details

Step 2: Return the completed form and cheque(s) to: 

c/o SickKids Foundation
525 University Avenue, 8th Floor
Toronto, ON M5G 2L3

We will reconcile the funds and then receipts will automatically be sent to your sponsors that have donated $20 or more.

Note: Please ensure all cheques are made out to 'SickKids Foundation'. A valid mailing address is required by CRA to be eligible to receive a tax receipt.