The Peloton Club is to recognise those lycra legends who raise $1000+ to fight kids' cancer!

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Name Raised
Anna Sherlock Anna Sherlock $2,775.82
Erica Deheer Erica Deheer $2,770.70
Jamie Maillet Jamie Maillet $2,755.55
Andrea Filip Andrea Filip $2,752.08
Craig Twigger Craig Twigger $2,749.57
Jack Gremmen Jack Gremmen $2,738.46
Ramsey Reid Ramsey Reid $2,722
Paul Langendoen Paul Langendoen $2,715.48
Jean Giachino Jean Giachino $2,710
Corrinne de Zoete Corrinne de Zoete $2,705.79
David Luckman David Luckman $2,695.44
Sean Moore Sean Moore $2,692.72
Anthony Tondino Anthony Tondino $2,683.10
Chris Pike Chris Pike $2,679.66
Paul Schendel Paul Schendel $2,669.02
Matthew Brocke Matthew Brocke $2,653.99
Andrew Elmhirst Andrew Elmhirst $2,650
Susan Coles Susan Coles $2,650
Jack Mailloux Jack Mailloux $2,645
Sheldene Reich Sheldene Reich $2,645
Joseph Cunningham Joseph Cunningham $2,644.17
Chris Lawson Chris Lawson $2,640
George Armstrong George Armstrong $2,634.28
Sandra Cole Sandra Cole $2,634.18
Gord Oliver Gord Oliver $2,611.22
Carina Nielsen Carina Nielsen $2,610
Catherine Berard Catherine Berard $2,610
Sarah Burk-Simpson Sarah Burk-Simpson $2,610
Judy Hardes Judy Hardes $2,607.27
Mary Oliver Mary Oliver $2,605.87
Danny Ellis Danny Ellis $2,604.30
Stuart Fyffe Stuart Fyffe $2,599.41
Ralf Borowski Ralf Borowski $2,592.71
Tony Tracey Tony Tracey $2,588.96
Ian Dickie Ian Dickie $2,588.80
Jason Becker Jason Becker $2,581.51
Alice Hayes Alice Hayes $2,578.14
Bret Stewart Bret Stewart $2,573.65
Lynne Sylvestre Lynne Sylvestre $2,568.84
Nancy Brooks Nancy Brooks $2,560
Dean Henley Dean Henley $2,555
Emily Jane Horkley Emily Jane Horkley $2,548.85
Alex Bethke Alex Bethke $2,545
Andy McCormick Andy McCormick $2,545
Owen Kemp Owen Kemp $2,535
Philip Clark Philip Clark $2,534.75
Reza Tabibazar Reza Tabibazar $2,532.43
Ron Galbraith Ron Galbraith $2,530.16
Ken Wichert Ken Wichert $2,528.45
Rick Sveinbjornson Rick Sveinbjornson $2,525.24