The Peloton Club is to recognise those lycra legends who raise $1000+ to fight kids' cancer!

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Name Raised
Stacey Faloon Stacey Faloon $1,771.49
Lauree Kopetsky Lauree Kopetsky $1,770
Peter MacMartin Peter MacMartin $1,765
Linda Hobson Linda Hobson $1,760.26
Keillan Lavigne Keillan Lavigne $1,759.48
Rob Burke Rob Burke $1,757.60
Lynne Danis Lynne Danis $1,755
Trenton Penner Trenton Penner $1,753.05
Mike Engeland Mike Engeland $1,750
Sandy McKenna Sandy McKenna $1,750
Leone Jackson Leone Jackson $1,748.43
Kevin Rowe Kevin Rowe $1,742.45
Garth Huber Garth Huber $1,742.34
Karen Taylor Karen Taylor $1,741.92
Jake Clifton-Friend Jake Clifton-Friend $1,741.51
Kory McSorley Kory McSorley $1,741.18
Kelly Hoogeveen Kelly Hoogeveen $1,739.18
Sue Dewar Sue Dewar $1,738.32
Richard Booth Richard Booth $1,734.28
Alena Bajkov Alena Bajkov $1,732.67
Curtis Middleton Curtis Middleton $1,732.58
Riley Burton Riley Burton $1,728.95
Brett Meadows Brett Meadows $1,725
Steven Hiltz Steven Hiltz $1,725
Debbie Woods Brodie Debbie Woods Brodie $1,722.67
Owen Hughes Owen Hughes $1,720.03
Lori Bakken Lori Bakken $1,707.91
Suzanne Guillemette Suzanne Guillemette $1,706.92
Sara Pierrard Sara Pierrard $1,706.42
Vincent cooper Vincent cooper $1,704.61
Susan Bamber Susan Bamber $1,701.94
Chris Van Muyen Chris Van Muyen $1,701.09
Roy Jack Roy Jack $1,700
Didier Moinier Didier Moinier $1,699.69
Russell Anderson Russell Anderson $1,695.44
Eduardo Cabral Eduardo Cabral $1,693.57
Kevin Burton Kevin Burton $1,692.08
Linda Shea-Carter Linda Shea-Carter $1,685.76
Kate Mahallati Kate Mahallati $1,685
Rhonda Peters Rhonda Peters $1,679.61
Matt Russell Matt Russell $1,674.52
Colin Crook Colin Crook $1,670
Darby Eakins Darby Eakins $1,665.76
Mary Collins Mary Collins $1,664.29
Tess Evans Tess Evans $1,661
Mark Valvasori Mark Valvasori $1,653.95
Curtis Repen Curtis Repen $1,653.05
Dave Collins Dave Collins $1,653.04
Suzanne Guest Suzanne Guest $1,652.58
Tim Latimer Tim Latimer $1,652.47