The Peloton Club is to recognise those lycra legends who raise $1000+ to fight kids' cancer!

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Name Raised
Sharon-anne Eldridge Sharon-anne Eldridge $2,100.36
Brendan Devlin Brendan Devlin $2,100.33
Marc Mathurin Marc Mathurin $2,095
Noella Dancause Noella Dancause $1,354
Paige Groot Paige Groot $2,086.60
Bob Carver Bob Carver $2,073.52
Jacques Lamontagne Jacques Lamontagne $2,073.32
Fraser Allen Fraser Allen $2,070.40
Dawn Racette Dawn Racette $2,066.20
Jefferson Broomes Jefferson Broomes $2,065
Allen Lefebvre Allen Lefebvre $2,063.52
Sage Doucet Sage Doucet $2,059.45
Melanie Desmarais Melanie Desmarais $2,056.73
Lynda Younghusband Lynda Younghusband $2,052
Selena Gavins Selena Gavins $2,050
Tracey Pierre Tracey Pierre $2,047.03
Brian Balcomb Brian Balcomb $2,046.82
Lori Nowlan Lori Nowlan $2,045.76
Patti Jordanne Patti Jordanne $2,045
Steve Blais Steve Blais $2,040
Gaylene Yelenik Gaylene Yelenik $2,035.76
Lynn Casselman Lynn Casselman $2,035.39
Chris Smith Chris Smith $2,021.94
Andy O'Neill Andy O'Neill $2,010.96
Julie Gilbert Julie Gilbert $2,010.47
Mary Ann Duynisveld Mary Ann Duynisveld $2,008.37
Ryan Sabean Ryan Sabean $2,005.96
Greg Delaney Greg Delaney $2,005.16
Alan Lambshead Alan Lambshead $2,000
Deborah Kemball Deborah Kemball $2,000
Helene Huot Helene Huot $2,000
Robin Nagy Robin Nagy $2,000
Norma Saip Norma Saip $1,999.71
Jeannie Saunders Jeannie Saunders $1,984.97
Rob Pitre Rob Pitre $1,981.95
Alexis Anastas Alexis Anastas $1,974.77
Rhonda Collins-Leech Rhonda Collins-Leech $1,974.69
Gregory JMR Le Grand Gregory JMR Le Grand $1,968.52
Jonathan Parker Jonathan Parker $1,954.58
Heather Armstrong Heather Armstrong $1,950
Gord olson Gord olson $1,947.34
Chris Glydon Chris Glydon $1,944.42
Sonya Soldo Sonya Soldo $1,939.44
Dayna Daniels Dayna Daniels $1,934.69
Jorin Green Jorin Green $1,929.29
Eric Kutschera Eric Kutschera $1,928.98
Brent St. John Brent St. John $1,928.96
paul nguyen paul nguyen $1,927.73
George Singfield George Singfield $1,926.60
Shelley Berdan Shelley Berdan $1,925.14