The Peloton Club is to recognise those lycra legends who raise $1000+ to fight kids' cancer!

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Name Raised
Amy Jasper Amy Jasper $3,200
Donna Leibham Donna Leibham $3,200
Sue Vincent Sue Vincent $3,190
Justin Cocks Justin Cocks $3,177.99
Lynn Patterson Lynn Patterson $3,172.93
Paul Sherry Paul Sherry $3,172.65
Sara Laurie Sara Laurie $3,165
Ian Jameson Ian Jameson $3,151.62
Carl F Myatt Carl F Myatt $3,150.24
Bryden Tait Bryden Tait $3,136.51
Daina Basso Daina Basso $3,130
Suzanne Rutherford Suzanne Rutherford $3,120.52
Tracy Franck Tracy Franck $3,103.04
Helen Loo Helen Loo $3,100.77
Mark Williment Mark Williment $3,100
Robert Reyerse Robert Reyerse $3,090.62
Sharon McQuade Sharon McQuade $3,070.88
Kevin Murray Kevin Murray $3,070
Louise Pearce Louise Pearce $3,065.07
Amanda Huxter Amanda Huxter $3,052.85
Anson Attree Anson Attree $3,050
Mark Warren Mark Warren $3,046.97
Alex Huber Alex Huber $3,041.88
Lorne Duke Lorne Duke $3,035
Colin whiteley Colin whiteley $3,008.88
Bruce Gordon Bruce Gordon $2,987
Jessi Morris Jessi Morris $2,985.28
Angela Santiago Angela Santiago $2,970.36
Peter Ross Peter Ross $2,957.05
Lori Howes Lori Howes $2,934.46
Heather Price Heather Price $2,917.34
Paul Proulx Paul Proulx $2,899.94
Rob Engelage Rob Engelage $2,896.70
Shaina Rance Shaina Rance $2,885.42
Lowell Krystalowich Lowell Krystalowich $2,867.17
Pat Brand Pat Brand $2,862
David De Almeida David De Almeida $2,861.18
Daniel Heffernan Daniel Heffernan $2,852.54
Karen Briard Karen Briard $2,843.65
Jim Kirby Jim Kirby $2,839.63
Judy Halpern Judy Halpern $2,834.94
Kerry Taylor Kerry Taylor $2,828.67
Tony Tucceri Tony Tucceri $2,819.69
Donica Clark Donica Clark $2,812.17
Emma Prendergast Emma Prendergast $2,803.27
James Wilson James Wilson $2,800
Perry Kelly Perry Kelly $2,800
Scott Alexander Scott Alexander $2,783.23
Stu Hoover Stu Hoover $2,780
Gerry Williscroft Gerry Williscroft $2,776.43