The Peloton Club is to recognise those lycra legends who raise $1000+ to fight kids' cancer!

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Name Raised
Brent St. John Brent St. John $1,928.96
paul nguyen paul nguyen $1,927.73
George Singfield George Singfield $1,926.60
Shelley Berdan Shelley Berdan $1,925.14
David Perry David Perry $1,924.15
Jamie Wood Jamie Wood $1,923.43
Dan Strasky Dan Strasky $1,913.57
Gerry Pot Gerry Pot $1,902.69
Mark Davis Mark Davis $1,897.58
Angela Punnett Angela Punnett $1,040
Rick Vanderheyden Rick Vanderheyden $1,890
Roy Michael Hoskins Roy Michael Hoskins $1,889.96
Erin Courtland Erin Courtland $1,883.95
Bob Hett Bob Hett $1,882.34
Sharon MacDonald Sharon MacDonald $1,875
Kelly Henderson Kelly Henderson $1,871.75
Linda Kasprzak Linda Kasprzak $1,862.88
Laci Farczadi Laci Farczadi $1,861.60
Cyndi Connah Cyndi Connah $1,858.37
Allyson Mitchell Allyson Mitchell $1,854.61
Lori Gershon Lori Gershon $1,853
Dawn Dewsbury Dawn Dewsbury $1,852.58
Debbie Derrough Debbie Derrough $1,847.48
Cyclo Capo Cyclo Capo $1,846.44
Sylvain Tousignant Sylvain Tousignant $1,844.28
Paul Stanley Paul Stanley $1,843.52
Mary Nelder Mary Nelder $1,841.92
Mary Brust Mary Brust $1,841.62
Robbi and Bruce Gellately Robbi and Bruce Gellately $1,838.87
James McDougall James McDougall $1,834.48
Andrea McDonald Andrea McDonald $1,834.39
Jennifer .de Cocq Jennifer .de Cocq $1,833.84
Norris Turner Norris Turner $1,829.81
Paul Carter Paul Carter $1,829.80
Skye Mennen Skye Mennen $1,827.71
Paul and Cinder Hayes Paul and Cinder Hayes $1,824.63
Suzanne Ostrow Suzanne Ostrow $1,821.94
Jean-Francois Latour Jean-Francois Latour $1,820
Mike Basse Mike Basse $1,820
Lee Carson Lee Carson $1,819.31
Patricia LaFleur Patricia LaFleur $1,812.27
Brad Duguid Brad Duguid $1,811.65
Nancy Miciak Nancy Miciak $1,809.94
Shirley Haist Shirley Haist $1,806.60
Tina Barton Tina Barton $1,805
Anna Brennan Anna Brennan $1,802.49
Matthew Penney Matthew Penney $1,796.84
Andréa Peters Andréa Peters $1,795.79
Steven Booth Steven Booth $1,791.34
Paul Landry Paul Landry $1,790.62