The Peloton Club is to recognise those lycra legends who raise $1000+ to fight kids' cancer!

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Name Raised
Mike Bryck Mike Bryck $2,525
Rick Lee Rick Lee $2,525
Trudy Rafuse Trudy Rafuse $2,524.23
Don Leslie Don Leslie $2,520.70
Ben Berland Ben Berland $2,515.29
Karin Allan Karin Allan $2,514.80
Ben Rance Ben Rance $2,510
Helga Grodzinski Helga Grodzinski $2,510
Tia Julien Tia Julien $2,509.28
Norm Beltrame Norm Beltrame $2,508.13
Terry McKee Terry McKee $2,507.85
Suzanne Beveridge Suzanne Beveridge $2,503.95
Marvin Salomons Marvin Salomons $2,501.35
Grant Gilbert Grant Gilbert $2,501.08
Debbie Maurer Debbie Maurer $2,501
Mike Couture Mike Couture $2,500.04
Book Buksa Book Buksa $2,500
Jason Beals Jason Beals $2,500
Kalpna Gill Kalpna Gill $2,500
Linda Mayer Linda Mayer $2,500
Tony Palermo Tony Palermo $2,500
Deborah Grigg Deborah Grigg $2,473.97
Don Ross Don Ross $2,466.23
Dan Linkert Dan Linkert $2,440
Tom Crowell Tom Crowell $2,440
Terry Corbett Terry Corbett $2,439.18
Shirley Toms Shirley Toms $2,429.44
Susan Belton Susan Belton $2,425.99
Shane Hampton Shane Hampton $2,415.33
Linda Farruggia Linda Farruggia $2,402.62
Ian Walker Ian Walker $2,401.84
Mike Cuthbert Mike Cuthbert $2,400
Mary Nero Mary Nero $2,380.70
Gail Lefebvre Gail Lefebvre $2,375.13
Marianne Emmerton Marianne Emmerton $2,365.90
Lee-Ann Giacobbo McTaggart Lee-Ann Giacobbo McTaggart $2,363.89
Becky Luedtke Becky Luedtke $2,354.32
Benjamin Kemball Benjamin Kemball $2,350
Ronald Mcisaac Ronald Mcisaac $1,914.17
Jon Slater Jon Slater $2,347.06
Patricio Valenzuela Patricio Valenzuela $1,100
Dennis Wilton Dennis Wilton $2,346.73
Geordie Campbell Geordie Campbell $2,337.05
Diane Estey Diane Estey $2,336.20
Peter Crooks Peter Crooks $2,326.60
Richard Courtland Richard Courtland $2,326.20
Ryan Talbot Ryan Talbot $2,316.88
Henry Shea-Hrebeniuk Henry Shea-Hrebeniuk $2,308.89
Matt Jones Matt Jones $2,307.16
Jackie Dix Jackie Dix $2,301.67