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Rank Name Raised
51st Bike Babes Bike Babes $1,442
Members of Bike Babes
497th Sue Klinck Sue Klinck $624
749th Susan Hay Susan Hay $512
1767th Naomi McKay Naomi McKay $166
N/A Cheryl Hagen Cheryl Hagen $0
52nd Bounteous Bounteous $1,424
Members of Bounteous
121st Dzung Tran Dzung Tran $1,424
N/A Fadi Awwad Fadi Awwad $0
53rd Team Tandem Team Tandem $1,395
Members of Team Tandem
254th Charie Carlos Charie Carlos $902
832nd Delson Carlos Delson Carlos $493
54th CommScope CommScope $1,376
Members of CommScope
126th Shawn Brown Shawn Brown $1,376
N/A Hayden Barker Hayden Barker $0
N/A Jason Boles Jason Boles $0
55th The Cycle-paths The Cycle-paths $1,341
Members of The Cycle-paths
192nd Serge Beaudry Serge Beaudry $1,057
1702nd Muneera Meghjani Muneera Meghjani $176
2737th Noah Khetani Noah Khetani $72
3418th myra Khetani myra Khetani $36
56th The Biking Banjos The Biking Banjos $1,340
Members of The Biking Banjos
342nd Susan Mingie Susan Mingie $776
861st Karen MacKay Karen MacKay $460
2258th Barbara Mingie Barbara Mingie $104
57th Addy’s Italian Stallions Addy’s Italian Stallions $1,253
Members of Addy’s Italian Stallions
253rd Jacob Orso Jacob Orso $904
1702nd Chandra Crawford Chandra Crawford $176
3030th Tony Bekavac Tony Bekavac $53
N/A Adrian Orso Adrian Orso $0
N/A Caitlin Gobbi Caitlin Gobbi $0
N/A Leonardo Fiori Leonardo Fiori $0
N/A Michelle Garwood-Orso Michelle Garwood-Orso $0
N/A Sebastian Fiori Sebastian Fiori $0
58th Illuminate Viam Illuminate Viam $1,211
Members of Illuminate Viam
408th Richard Henry Richard Henry $704
769th Deborah Law Deborah Law $507
N/A Carlee Glendenning Carlee Glendenning $0
59th Team Sarah Team Sarah $1,168
Members of Team Sarah
516th Sarah Hamby Sarah Hamby $611
1379th Mark Hamby Mark Hamby $247
1702nd Kiarra H Kiarra H $176
2212th Amanda Garcia Amanda Garcia $109
3895th Tyler Garcia Tyler Garcia $26
N/A Riley Goodson Riley Goodson $0
60th Awesome Sauce Awesome Sauce $1,160
Members of Awesome Sauce
470th Camille Arscott Camille Arscott $643
955th Michel Perrier Michel Perrier $393
2013th Lou Rankin Lou Rankin $124
N/A Robert Arscott Robert Arscott $0
61st SalesforceVancouver SalesforceVancouver $1,133
Members of SalesforceVancouver
935th David Brossard David Brossard $409
1307th Julian Navaratnam Julian Navaratnam $259
2013th Richard Sexton Richard Sexton $124
2737th Yaoyao Lin Yaoyao Lin $72
N/A Jen Ullett Jen Ullett $0
N/A Vasundra Srinivasan Vasundra Srinivasan $0
62nd Rotten Piece of Fish Rotten Piece of Fish $1,106
Members of Rotten Piece of Fish
222nd Jeff Healy Jeff Healy $1,002
2258th Jennifer Glennie Jennifer Glennie $104
63rd Waterloo Crew Waterloo Crew $1,083
Members of Waterloo Crew
649th Jenn Hayes Jenn Hayes $540
1135th Denyse Doherty Denyse Doherty $311
2013th Jim Gilbert Jim Gilbert $124
2212th Dwayne Hayes Dwayne Hayes $109
N/A James Ryan James Ryan $0
N/A Joel Doherty Joel Doherty $0
N/A Maxim Bissonnette Maxim Bissonnette $0
N/A Mitch McLean Mitch McLean $0
N/A Sany Ravi Sany Ravi $0
N/A Tracy Horsley Tracy Horsley $0
64th Rockin Nascar Rockin Nascar $1,082
Members of Rockin Nascar
564th Denny Rahaman Denny Rahaman $585
1513th Kimberley Tompkins Kimberley Tompkins $207
65th DeBoMo DeBoMo $1,076
Members of DeBoMo
653rd Doug Morrison Doug Morrison $538
653rd Susan Bowie Susan Bowie $538
66th Try Cycle Therapy Try Cycle Therapy $1,075
Members of Try Cycle Therapy
676th Jeff Sproule Jeff Sproule $533
1282nd Diane Albin Diane Albin $268
67th Swiss Re Slow Uphillers Swiss Re Slow Uphillers $1,026
Members of Swiss Re Slow Uphillers
246th John Pfeffer John Pfeffer $922
2258th David Moss David Moss $104
N/A Amit Arora Amit Arora $0
N/A Andrea Wang Andrea Wang $0
N/A Manuel Groger Manuel Groger $0
N/A Maria Ossowska Maria Ossowska $0
N/A Sujata Sachdev Sujata Sachdev $0
68th SA Newfoundland SA Newfoundland $1,022
Members of SA Newfoundland
1140th Greg Pike Greg Pike $311
1781st John Butt John Butt $163
69th SRDC Velo-ciraptors SRDC Velo-ciraptors $1,011
Members of SRDC Velo-ciraptors
1248th Heather Smith Fowler Heather Smith Fowler $277
1349th Reuben Ford Reuben Ford $250
1942nd Noémie Auclair-Ouellet Noémie Auclair-Ouellet $139
1966th Julie Rodier Julie Rodier $134
2258th Elizabeth Rodgers Elizabeth Rodgers $104
2984th Arij Habbab Arij Habbab $62
4134th Jillian Paragg Jillian Paragg $15
4181st David Gyarmati David Gyarmati $10
4181st Haley du Fresne Haley du Fresne $10
4181st Kim Lehrer Kim Lehrer $10
70th Team Sisyphus Team Sisyphus $1,004
Members of Team Sisyphus
440th Julie Brown Julie Brown $669
1076th Darlene Forbes Darlene Forbes $335
71st Looneychicks Looneychicks $1,003
Members of Looneychicks
221st Chris Glydon Chris Glydon $1,003
72nd Eco-cheetos Eco-cheetos $1,002
Members of Eco-cheetos
571st Hector Turner Hector Turner $580
909th Sandy Stemp Sandy Stemp $422
73rd Corry A Huffman to be changed Corry A Huffman to be changed $992
Members of Corry A Huffman to be changed
451st Corry Huffman Corry Huffman $656
1416th James Huffman James Huffman $233
N/A Jessica Wessels Jessica Wessels $0
74th Gastric Gladiators Gastric Gladiators $983
Members of Gastric Gladiators
230th Clint Gore Clint Gore $983
N/A Anna Aylett Anna Aylett $0
N/A Sara Kowal Sara Kowal $0
75th Little Green People Little Green People $935
Members of Little Green People
357th Jorin Green Jorin Green $759
1702nd Erin Petty Erin Petty $176
N/A Joel Haight Joel Haight $0
76th Two Fit Chicks & a Rooster Two Fit Chicks & a Rooster $897
Members of Two Fit Chicks & a Rooster
488th Lorraine Etler Lorraine Etler $628
1276th Jaclyne Laurin Jaclyne Laurin $269
N/A Brian Norris Brian Norris $0
N/A Gabrielle Norris Gabrielle Norris $0
77th O'Reilly SFS O'Reilly SFS $892
Members of O'Reilly SFS
446th David Houston David Houston $659
2530th Reilly Heffernan Reilly Heffernan $100
2737th Millicent Lawlor Millicent Lawlor $72
2990th Rob Armstrong Rob Armstrong $61
78th Gears & Beers Burlington Gears & Beers Burlington $889
Members of Gears & Beers Burlington
334th Rob Russell Rob Russell $781
2212th Scott Young Scott Young $109
N/A Frank Hribljan Frank Hribljan $0
79th Team Bugajda Team Bugajda $877
Members of Team Bugajda
274th George Bugajda George Bugajda $877
80th Krazee Kousins Krazee Kousins $876
Members of Krazee Kousins
437th Bonnie Gunderson Bonnie Gunderson $673
1573rd Catherine Leahy Catherine Leahy $204
N/A Randal Procyshen Randal Procyshen $0
81st CATTL Citizens for Alternative Transportation Trent Lakes CATTL Citizens for Alternative Transportation Trent Lakes $866
Members of CATTL Citizens for Alternative Transportation Trent Lakes
620th Karen Bruton-Martinelli Karen Bruton-Martinelli $556
1653rd Karen Shearer Karen Shearer $186
2013th Liana Brown Liana Brown $124
N/A Margaret Himann Margaret Himann $0
82nd The James Gang The James Gang $857
Members of The James Gang
2258th Eric Holland Eric Holland $104
N/A Karen Holland Karen Holland $0
83rd Cisco Riders Cisco Riders $857
Members of Cisco Riders
538th Ian McBeth Ian McBeth $603
2737th Nayden Markatchev Nayden Markatchev $72
3041st Chris Miserva Chris Miserva $52
3895th Rashmi Ramanna Rashmi Ramanna $26
N/A Jaimin Modi Jaimin Modi $0
N/A Richard Lee Richard Lee $0
N/A Ross Andersen Ross Andersen $0
84th Arya's Rainbow Riding Club Arya's Rainbow Riding Club $853
Members of Arya's Rainbow Riding Club
546th Lilah Bombard Lilah Bombard $599
1335th Eva Bombard Eva Bombard $254
85th Forever Young Forever Young $845
Members of Forever Young
607th Ray Hubble Ray Hubble $564
4012th Annette Comeau Annette Comeau $21
86th wxlfpvck cycling club wxlfpvck cycling club $831
Members of wxlfpvck cycling club
703rd Kevin Ramos Kevin Ramos $522
1155th Thomas Angeles Thomas Angeles $309
N/A Dave La Bercasio Dave La Bercasio $0
87th Koriza's Team Koriza's Team $825
Members of Koriza's Team
491st Koriza Ali-Mohammed Koriza Ali-Mohammed $626
1597th AJ M AJ M $199
88th Ryleys Riders Ryleys Riders $822
Members of Ryleys Riders
596th Tim Martin Tim Martin $569
1991st Kaitlynn Martin Kaitlynn Martin $127
1992nd Hayley Martin Hayley Martin $126
89th Agalateya Agalateya $809
Members of Agalateya
752nd Soha Elsebai Soha Elsebai $511
1689th Mohamed Ahmed Mohamed Ahmed $176
2737th Ahmed Adel Ahmed Adel $72
N/A Amal Elged Amal Elged $0
N/A Mohammed Abu-Gabal El Sayed Mohammed Abu-Gabal El Sayed $0
N/A Peri Nerhal Peri Nerhal $0
89th Coasters Coasters $809
Members of Coasters
376th Lesley Edwards Lesley Edwards $734
3414th Wendy St Pierre Wendy St Pierre $38
3415th Shannon Lane Shannon Lane $37
N/A Jennifer St Pierre Jennifer St Pierre $0
91st The Fergus Breakaways The Fergus Breakaways $798
Members of The Fergus Breakaways
319th Rick Schroeder Rick Schroeder $798
N/A Linda Schroeder Linda Schroeder $0
92nd Crazy 8s Crazy 8s $793
Members of Crazy 8s
983rd Gerry Hall Gerry Hall $382
1113th Michele and Russ Mercer Michele and Russ Mercer $319
2602nd Debbie Shortall Debbie Shortall $92
N/A Dave Shortall Dave Shortall $0
N/A Dianne Hunt-Hall Dianne Hunt-Hall $0
N/A Paul Burke Paul Burke $0
93rd CM-Leathal Weapons CM-Leathal Weapons $791
Members of CM-Leathal Weapons
629th Erin Rappaport Erin Rappaport $552
3418th Daniel Atack Daniel Atack $36
3895th Julien Gagnier Julien Gagnier $26
N/A Bettina Wulffsen Bettina Wulffsen $0
N/A Glaucimar Lima Glaucimar Lima $0
N/A Marc Lievin Marc Lievin $0
N/A Raffi Philippossian Raffi Philippossian $0
N/A vicken philippossian vicken philippossian $0
94th The Cycling Pots The Cycling Pots $779
Members of The Cycling Pots
335th Gerry Pot Gerry Pot $779
N/A Patricia Pot Patricia Pot $0
N/A Tim Pot Tim Pot $0
95th The Expendables The Expendables $777
Members of The Expendables
646th Ferlin Rands Ferlin Rands $543
1410th Michael Garnier Michael Garnier $235
N/A Matt Thompson Matt Thompson $0
96th Ticket to Ride Ticket to Ride $776
Members of Ticket to Ride
714th Victor Perchikovsky Victor Perchikovsky $519
2258th Ian Keses Ian Keses $104
3041st Jane O'Regan Jane O'Regan $52
N/A Andrew barton Andrew barton $0
N/A Andrew Barton Andrew Barton $0
N/A Chris Schmidt Chris Schmidt $0
97th Les Larocque Les Larocque $772
Members of Les Larocque
908th Ariane Larocque Ariane Larocque $422
1049th Guillaume Larocque Guillaume Larocque $350
98th Rolling On Rolling On $766
Members of Rolling On
444th Sue Lethbridge Sue Lethbridge $662
2258th Victoria Watts Victoria Watts $104
99th North Saskatchewan River Riders North Saskatchewan River Riders $762
Members of North Saskatchewan River Riders
881st Joel McDonald Joel McDonald $446
1121st Darcy Kauffman Darcy Kauffman $316
100th Sandy's Sidekicks Sandy's Sidekicks $759
Members of Sandy's Sidekicks
811th Rick Vigrass Rick Vigrass $500
2258th Peter Phillips Peter Phillips $104
2258th Wanda Phillips Wanda Phillips $104
3041st Derek Boan Derek Boan $52
N/A Bob Loney Bob Loney $0