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Rank Name Raised
101st Pedals with a purpose Pedals with a purpose $709
Members of Pedals with a purpose
892nd Hamlin Bartel Hamlin Bartel $414
1707th Chelsea Hodgson Chelsea Hodgson $171
N/A Greg Cayer Greg Cayer $0
N/A Laura Bartel Laura Bartel $0
N/A Nick Cayer Nick Cayer $0
102nd Ride with Pride - Ride for Lori Ride with Pride - Ride for Lori $704
Members of Ride with Pride - Ride for Lori
966th Natalie Neville Natalie Neville $367
1625th Jeremy Kersey Jeremy Kersey $181
N/A Chadwick Leroy Allen Chadwick Leroy Allen $0
N/A Crystal Glassford Crystal Glassford $0
N/A Kaiden Neville Kaiden Neville $0
103rd Les Larocque Les Larocque $700
Members of Les Larocque
1007th Ariane Larocque Ariane Larocque $350
1007th Guillaume Larocque Guillaume Larocque $350
104th St Anthony Riders St Anthony Riders $688
Members of St Anthony Riders
397th Shanoo Kaur Shanoo Kaur $688
N/A Natalie Hughes Natalie Hughes $0
105th Emmy's Emissaries Emmy's Emissaries $681
Members of Emmy's Emissaries
1301st Sue Smythe Sue Smythe $250
1467th Scott Gillis Scott Gillis $207
1969th Colin Climie Colin Climie $124
2485th Cheryl (Sarah and Zoe) Climie-Smith Cheryl (Sarah and Zoe) Climie-Smith $100
N/A Peter Barber Peter Barber $0
106th Strong Strong $657
Members of Strong
1264th Rachael Cooper Rachael Cooper $259
1880th Matt Littlechild Matt Littlechild $140
2218th Val Érye Val Érye $104
2998th Julie McCarthy Julie McCarthy $52
N/A Meghan O’Leary Meghan O’Leary $0
N/A Nathalie Pilote Nathalie Pilote $0
107th Still Counting Still Counting $650
Members of Still Counting
652nd Diane Elliott Diane Elliott $536
2151st Allan Loiselle Allan Loiselle $114
108th pilipino cyclist in canada pilipino cyclist in canada $648
Members of pilipino cyclist in canada
665th vincent gobuyan vincent gobuyan $528
1966th Jerome Pasian Jerome Pasian $120
N/A Aeden Pahayahay Aeden Pahayahay $0
N/A Alfie Gepolongca Alfie Gepolongca $0
N/A Carlo jzon Ilio Carlo jzon Ilio $0
N/A Dexter Orina Dexter Orina $0
N/A Feline Thorn Feline Thorn $0
N/A jay-r abaya jay-r abaya $0
N/A Jher La Pid Jher La Pid $0
N/A Ramon Gaudario Ramon Gaudario $0
N/A Rodolfo Jr Divinagracia Rodolfo Jr Divinagracia $0
109th Manditos Manditos $638
Members of Manditos
1467th Michael Hurry Michael Hurry $207
1467th Tom St. Amand Tom St. Amand $207
2135th Jane Pickard Jane Pickard $120
2218th Frank Brennan Frank Brennan $104
N/A Steve Marcy Steve Marcy $0
110th 4McMurray 4McMurray $636
Members of 4McMurray
623rd Martha McMurray Martha McMurray $543
2688th Matt McMurray Matt McMurray $72
111th Team Bugajda Team Bugajda $630
Members of Team Bugajda
464th George Bugajda George Bugajda $630
112th Shapat Gangs Shapat Gangs $627
Members of Shapat Gangs
1191st Hessam Kh Hessam Kh $283
1620th Azadeh Shadkar Azadeh Shadkar $183
1742nd Vahid Mohammadi Vahid Mohammadi $160
N/A Ali Hosseini Ali Hosseini $0
N/A Marjan Mohammadi Marjan Mohammadi $0
113th Little Green People Little Green People $625
Members of Little Green People
476th Jorin Green Jorin Green $625
N/A Erin Petty Erin Petty $0
N/A Joel Haight Joel Haight $0
114th Team Fossheim Team Fossheim $612
Members of Team Fossheim
1055th Crystal Fossheim Crystal Fossheim $327
1186th Lyle Fossheim Lyle Fossheim $285
115th Wheelmart Wheelmart $611
Members of Wheelmart
527th Steve Carscadden Steve Carscadden $590
N/A Kelly Carscadden Kelly Carscadden $0
N/A Kim Carscadden Kim Carscadden $0
116th One Plant Peddlers One Plant Peddlers $609
Members of One Plant Peddlers
918th Aidan Key Aidan Key $394
2218th Richie Brazil Richie Brazil $104
2616th conner Greencorn conner Greencorn $78
N/A Ashley Stewart Ashley Stewart $0
N/A Devon Cook Devon Cook $0
N/A ryan grenville ryan grenville $0
117th RacerSportif RacerSportif $609
Members of RacerSportif
496th John Hakim John Hakim $609
N/A chantal Mizerski chantal Mizerski $0
118th Tour De Dockyard Tour De Dockyard $605
Members of Tour De Dockyard
508th Tyler Venn Tyler Venn $605
N/A Adam Wadden Adam Wadden $0
N/A Alex Huddlestan Alex Huddlestan $0
N/A Dale Pearn Dale Pearn $0
N/A David Washington David Washington $0
N/A Jake Mcfarlane Jake Mcfarlane $0
N/A Mike Johnston Mike Johnston $0
N/A Vadim Rossinski Vadim Rossinski $0
119th Team FENDER Team FENDER $604
Members of Team FENDER
512th Lynelle Fender Lynelle Fender $604
120th Swiss Re Slow Uphillers Swiss Re Slow Uphillers $604
Members of Swiss Re Slow Uphillers
786th John Pfeffer John Pfeffer $500
2218th David Moss David Moss $104
N/A Amit Arora Amit Arora $0
N/A Andrea Wang Andrea Wang $0
N/A Manuel Groger Manuel Groger $0
N/A Maria Ossowska Maria Ossowska $0
N/A Sujata Sachdev Sujata Sachdev $0
121st Metal to the Pedal Metal to the Pedal $595
Members of Metal to the Pedal
881st Kurt Breede Kurt Breede $419
122nd 4 Mix Riders 4 Mix Riders $571
Members of 4 Mix Riders
843rd Brenda McNairn Brenda McNairn $454
2146th Jake McNairn Jake McNairn $117
N/A Liam McNairn Liam McNairn $0
N/A Paul McNairn Paul McNairn $0
123rd Pure Kitchen Elgin Pure Kitchen Elgin $571
Members of Pure Kitchen Elgin
564th Barry Bigras Barry Bigras $571
124th Idol Idol $563
Members of Idol
587th Sura Alasady Sura Alasady $563
125th N2l_xCanada N2l_xCanada $555
Members of N2l_xCanada
1394th Pam North Pam North $228
2485th Jeff North Jeff North $100
N/A Barry Smith Barry Smith $0
N/A Michelle Visca Michelle Visca $0
126th Fitness Angle Fitness Angle $552
Members of Fitness Angle
609th Devon D. Dickhout Devon D. Dickhout $552
N/A Warren Cormack Warren Cormack $0
127th Timmins Defenders Timmins Defenders $543
Members of Timmins Defenders
2139th Guy Dagenais Guy Dagenais $119
2218th Thierry Croussette Thierry Croussette $104
2688th Leah Shorrock Leah Shorrock $72
128th Coco Coco $538
Members of Coco
631st Sara Daher Sara Daher $538
129th Jon & Rach’s great cycle challenge! Jon & Rach’s great cycle challenge! $528
Members of Jon & Rach’s great cycle challenge!
2218th Rachael Cullimore Rachael Cullimore $104
N/A Jonathan Cebulak Jonathan Cebulak $0
130th Holmes Crew Holmes Crew $526
Members of Holmes Crew
672nd Adam Holmes Adam Holmes $526
N/A Alexandra Duquette Alexandra Duquette $0
131st Phat Cyclers Phat Cyclers $523
Members of Phat Cyclers
676th Dave Gomes Dave Gomes $523
132nd Monkeys And Papa Monkeys And Papa $523
Members of Monkeys And Papa
N/A Allan Smith Allan Smith $0
N/A Carter Loree Carter Loree $0
N/A Ciaran Bruneau Ciaran Bruneau $0
N/A Gryphon C Gryphon C $0
N/A Jacob Loree Jacob Loree $0
133rd Team Oakwheels Oakville Team Oakwheels Oakville $512
Members of Team Oakwheels Oakville
1137th Kooban Moodley Kooban Moodley $305
2218th Abi Sridhar Abi Sridhar $104
N/A Nitin Tarsarya Nitin Tarsarya $0
134th Team Macey Team Macey $511
Members of Team Macey
731st John Macey John Macey $511
135th M4 M4 $507
Members of M4
746th Mauricio Rivera Mauricio Rivera $507
136th Spoke & Mirrors Spoke & Mirrors $507
Members of Spoke & Mirrors
841st Jessica Glashan Jessica Glashan $455
137th Le ti couple ♥️ Le ti couple ♥️ $501
Members of Le ti couple ♥️
783rd Jolyane Beaudette Jolyane Beaudette $501
N/A Jordan Boissonneault Jordan Boissonneault $0
138th Chariots of Fire Chariots of Fire $500
Members of Chariots of Fire
786th Priya B Priya B $500
139th FamiLEE Rides FamiLEE Rides $486
Members of FamiLEE Rides
1102nd Carlene Lee Carlene Lee $311
2688th Jenel Lee Jenel Lee $72
140th Eleristrong Eleristrong $485
Members of Eleristrong
1195th Deana Sarchfield Deana Sarchfield $280
1522nd Heather MacKinnon Ramier Heather MacKinnon Ramier $205
141st Jenny-and-the-Shifters Jenny-and-the-Shifters $478
Members of Jenny-and-the-Shifters
N/A Jennifer Baron Jennifer Baron $0
N/A Katie Geraghty Katie Geraghty $0
N/A Maddy Baron Maddy Baron $0
N/A Mark Geraghty Mark Geraghty $0
142nd Abby's Army Abby's Army $476
Members of Abby's Army
1098th Abigail Vahey Abigail Vahey $311
1720th Leanne Vahey King Leanne Vahey King $166
N/A Gavin and Aiden Vahey Gavin and Aiden Vahey $0
N/A Noah Tomlinson Noah Tomlinson $0
N/A Ron Gardiner Ron Gardiner $0
143rd Hitchens Ride Hitchens Ride $466
Members of Hitchens Ride
1264th Jay Hitchen Jay Hitchen $259
1775th Bev Hitchen Bev Hitchen $155
2998th Steven Hitchen Steven Hitchen $52
N/A Koby Hitchen Koby Hitchen $0
144th Pickle’s Pedal Pushers Pickle’s Pedal Pushers $429
Members of Pickle’s Pedal Pushers
1519th Bonnie Beresford Bonnie Beresford $206
1906th Jennifer Power Jennifer Power $136
2596th Dylan P. Forbes Dylan P. Forbes $87
145th Payrollin’ Payrollin’ $428
Members of Payrollin’
1522nd Courtney Clarke Courtney Clarke $205
N/A Andrew Wigglesworth Andrew Wigglesworth $0
146th Ride For Hope Ride For Hope $415
Members of Ride For Hope
886th Ellery lewis Ellery lewis $415
N/A David Clare David Clare $0
N/A Max Thompson Max Thompson $0
147th Team Asim. Team Asim. $414
Members of Team Asim.
890th Haroon Qamar Haroon Qamar $414
148th Shepherd Shepherd $406
Members of Shepherd
906th Steve W Steve W $406
149th M&S M&S $404
Members of M&S
1315th Sarah Hulst Sarah Hulst $248
2998th Merri-Beth Hulst Merri-Beth Hulst $52
150th Petal Pushers Petal Pushers $400
Members of Petal Pushers
915th Mary Ann Duynisveld Mary Ann Duynisveld $400
N/A Brittney Herron Brittney Herron $0
N/A Gene Jones Gene Jones $0
N/A Hendrikus Bervoets Hendrikus Bervoets $0