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Rank Name Raised
299th Chosen Ones Chosen Ones $36
Members of Chosen Ones
3315th Mrinalini Lingaraju Mrinalini Lingaraju $36
299th Cirque de sore legs Cirque de sore legs $36
Members of Cirque de sore legs
3315th Ailish Ganser Ailish Ganser $36
299th Cycle Sisters Cycle Sisters $36
Members of Cycle Sisters
3315th Kurtis Goat Kurtis Goat $36
N/A Aja Horsley Aja Horsley $0
N/A Ashton Bennett Ashton Bennett $0
N/A Kim Turner Kim Turner $0
N/A sarah murphy sarah murphy $0
299th Cycle warriors Cycle warriors $36
Members of Cycle warriors
3315th Kayla Gerry Kayla Gerry $36
N/A Courtney Wielomski Courtney Wielomski $0
299th Gear and a half Gear and a half $36
Members of Gear and a half
3315th Tammy Dickinson Tammy Dickinson $36
299th Healthy Happiness Team Healthy Happiness Team $36
Members of Healthy Happiness Team
3315th Pamela Lima Pamela Lima $36
N/A Vinicius Mesquita Vinicius Mesquita $0
299th Nowhere’s Edge Nowhere’s Edge $36
Members of Nowhere’s Edge
3315th Amy Gaulin Amy Gaulin $36
N/A Daniel Audet Daniel Audet $0
299th Raisin River Riders Raisin River Riders $36
Members of Raisin River Riders
3315th Ed Kupczyk Ed Kupczyk $36
299th Riding for a Cause Riding for a Cause $36
Members of Riding for a Cause
3315th Fabrizio Stasolla Fabrizio Stasolla $36
299th Team LunaTuck Team LunaTuck $36
Members of Team LunaTuck
3315th Ray Lowe Ray Lowe $36
N/A Laurie Lowe Laurie Lowe $0
299th The Ingersoll trail blazers The Ingersoll trail blazers $36
Members of The Ingersoll trail blazers
3315th Harry Bakker Harry Bakker $36
299th The Lachance-Artindales The Lachance-Artindales $36
Members of The Lachance-Artindales
3315th Joelle Lachance-Artindale Joelle Lachance-Artindale $36
3315th Jason Traviss Jason Traviss $36
299th Westerner Park Flo-Mangos Westerner Park Flo-Mangos $36
Members of Westerner Park Flo-Mangos
N/A Martin Palindat Martin Palindat $0
N/A TJ Paigude TJ Paigude $0
315th Belgian Riders Belgian Riders $35
Members of Belgian Riders
3753rd Catherine Parmentier Catherine Parmentier $35
N/A Ivan Đuranić Ivan Đuranić $0
N/A Matthias Dedobbeleer Matthias Dedobbeleer $0
315th Peddling for the Littles Peddling for the Littles $35
Members of Peddling for the Littles
3753rd Colleen Black Colleen Black $35
318th Riding with friends and family Riding with friends and family $31
Members of Riding with friends and family
3773rd Abbygail Caron Abbygail Caron $31
N/A Ellen Pratt Ellen Pratt $0
319th 2022 Fraser Valley Cycle Crew 2022 Fraser Valley Cycle Crew $26
Members of 2022 Fraser Valley Cycle Crew
3784th Steven Alexander Steven Alexander $26
N/A Alex Harte Alex Harte $0
N/A Bekky Clemons Bekky Clemons $0
319th Bannock Power Bannock Power $26
Members of Bannock Power
3784th Jaime Lavallee Jaime Lavallee $26
319th North Wood Landscaping and contracting North Wood Landscaping and contracting $26
Members of North Wood Landscaping and contracting
3784th Andrew Ivory Andrew Ivory $26
319th SpinNerds SpinNerds $26
Members of SpinNerds
3784th Jennifer Lategan Jennifer Lategan $26
N/A Hendrik Tempel Hendrik Tempel $0
N/A Marguerite Dippenaar Marguerite Dippenaar $0
N/A Natalia Fong Natalia Fong $0
N/A Sam Matroud Sam Matroud $0
324th Eliza's Warriors Eliza's Warriors $25
Members of Eliza's Warriors
N/A Kevin Vivian Kevin Vivian $0
324th You Have My Wheels You Have My Wheels $25
Members of You Have My Wheels
3883rd Sarah Wills Sarah Wills $25
N/A Kolbie Dennis-LaFleur Kolbie Dennis-LaFleur $0
326th Dauphin and Area Front Line Workers Dauphin and Area Front Line Workers $21
Members of Dauphin and Area Front Line Workers
3901st Cam Bennet Cam Bennet $21
N/A Janelle McIvor Janelle McIvor $0
N/A Tayah Ribalkin Tayah Ribalkin $0
326th The Cyclepaths The Cyclepaths $21
Members of The Cyclepaths
3901st Ali Blair Ali Blair $21
328th Alex's Team Alex's Team $10
Members of Alex's Team
4023rd Alex Roy Alex Roy $10
329th TeamK TeamK $10
Members of TeamK
4064th Steven Chu Steven Chu $10
330th Team Capybara Team Capybara $5
Members of Team Capybara
N/A Jaymie Perena Jaymie Perena $0
N/A Raiven Rivera Raiven Rivera $0
N/A Yuan Cauyan Yuan Cauyan $0
330th The Joy Riders The Joy Riders $5
Members of The Joy Riders
4071st Sylvia Depta Sylvia Depta $5
N/A Hollie Blakeman-Armstrong Hollie Blakeman-Armstrong $0
N/A Julie Blakeman Julie Blakeman $0
N/A Kemrol Joseph Kemrol Joseph $0
332nd Green Eggs and Sam Green Eggs and Sam $5
Members of Green Eggs and Sam
4088th Sammy Winter-Spector Sammy Winter-Spector $5
N/A Shira Spector Shira Spector $0
N/A ‘So Many’ ‘So Many’ $0
Members of ‘So Many’
N/A Jess Vanegmond Jess Vanegmond $0
N/A Pushpinder Kaur Pushpinder Kaur $0
N/A 1% Better! 1% Better! $0
Members of 1% Better!
N/A Cathy Jezowski Cathy Jezowski $0
N/A Joni Wells Joni Wells $0
N/A 2 tired 2 tired $0
Members of 2 tired
N/A Al Antonel Al Antonel $0
N/A Nicole Antonel Nicole Antonel $0
N/A 2BlkGuys 2BlkGuys $0
Members of 2BlkGuys
N/A Andre Brown Andre Brown $0
N/A Pierre Nicholson Pierre Nicholson $0
N/A 2M & B 2M & B $0
Members of 2M & B
N/A Bahram Samanfar Bahram Samanfar $0
N/A Mehdi Pourabadi Mehdi Pourabadi $0
Members of AFWC
N/A Heidi Scott Heidi Scott $0
Members of AGF
N/A Islam Khan Islam Khan $0
N/A Albourne Partners Albourne Partners $0
Members of Albourne Partners
N/A Adam Edris Adam Edris $0
N/A Daniel Baggaley Daniel Baggaley $0
N/A Illya Fastovskiy Illya Fastovskiy $0
N/A Ryan Teal Ryan Teal $0
N/A Shelly Liu Shelly Liu $0
N/A Steve D'Mello Steve D'Mello $0
N/A Timothy Foran Timothy Foran $0
N/A April’s Edmonton Team April’s Edmonton Team $0
Members of April’s Edmonton Team
N/A April Proctor April Proctor $0
N/A Bizz McKilligan Bizz McKilligan $0
N/A April's angels April's angels $0
Members of April's angels
N/A April Arseneault April Arseneault $0
N/A B.O.M Kids B.O.M Kids $0
Members of B.O.M Kids
N/A Nitisha Mehta Nitisha Mehta $0
N/A Betty's Bikers Betty's Bikers $0
Members of Betty's Bikers
N/A liz phillips liz phillips $0
N/A Bike Curious Cycling Group Bike Curious Cycling Group $0
Members of Bike Curious Cycling Group
N/A Justin Ciancone Justin Ciancone $0
N/A Bike Hair Don’t Care Bike Hair Don’t Care $0
Members of Bike Hair Don’t Care
N/A Christie Harris Christie Harris $0
N/A Kelly Johnson Kelly Johnson $0
N/A Rosie Wilson Rosie Wilson $0
N/A Trina Spence Trina Spence $0
N/A Bike Hub Bike Hub $0
Members of Bike Hub
N/A Amanda Barss Amanda Barss $0
N/A Chris Connors Chris Connors $0
N/A Judd Urbiztondo Judd Urbiztondo $0
N/A Roshanak Kavianpour Roshanak Kavianpour $0
N/A Bikes and Beers Bikes and Beers $0
Members of Bikes and Beers
N/A Adrian Sciortino Adrian Sciortino $0
N/A Hailey Friedrichsen Hailey Friedrichsen $0
N/A Jesin Kapur Jesin Kapur $0
N/A Bikes and Riders Bikes and Riders $0
Members of Bikes and Riders
N/A Matthew Johnson Matthew Johnson $0
N/A BioTwin BioTwin $0
Members of BioTwin
N/A Frederic Audet Frederic Audet $0
N/A Louis-Philippe Noel Louis-Philippe Noel $0
N/A BJ Bikers BJ Bikers $0
Members of BJ Bikers
N/A Judy Carpenter Judy Carpenter $0
N/A Blackdog gardens Blackdog gardens $0
Members of Blackdog gardens
N/A Blackdog Gardens Blackdog Gardens $0