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Rank Name Raised
119th Jeremy Rattray Jeremy Rattray 2years $1,335
121st Tanner Bruce Tanner Bruce 2years $1,325
N/A Jennifer McCambridge Jennifer McCambridge 2years $0
122nd Mark Bristow Mark Bristow 6years $1,320
123rd Mike Shuter Mike Shuter $1,316
124th Andrew Kwieton Andrew Kwieton $1,315
124th Katie Bouma Katie Bouma $1,315
126th Sierra and Justin Dinner/Sadiku Sierra and Justin Dinner/Sadiku $1,310
127th Blair Sullivan Blair Sullivan $1,305
128th Stanley Salsman Stanley Salsman 5years $1,300
129th David St-Pierre David St-Pierre $1,295
130th Marjie Hyland Marjie Hyland 4years $1,290
131st Sarah Hamby Sarah Hamby $1,285
132nd Roger Doiron Roger Doiron $1,280
134th Bonnie Boo Bonnie Boo $1,265
135th Kathy Dimas Kathy Dimas 2years $1,250
136th Mike Chan Mike Chan 2years $1,240
137th Leslie Zabiuk Leslie Zabiuk 3years $1,238
138th Michael Croitoru Michael Croitoru $1,235