Meet Liam

7-year-old Liam is full of energy, laughter, and pure joy. He loves playing piano, dancing and leans on music for support in tough times.

At just 3 years old, in 2019, Liam began to present some concerning symptoms. It started with paleness, extreme fatigue, and then he lost his appetite and was losing weight.

Feeling that something was very wrong, his dad took him to get a blood test. The very next day, Liam was rushed to the Hospital for Sick Children.

There, Liam was diagnosed with leukemia and he began chemotherapy treatment immediately.

Over the next couple of years, Liam underwent treatment with positive results. He finished the final round of chemotherapy for his treatment plan in September 2021 and had his chest port removed.

The following year was great for Liam! He was symptom-free and finally able to enjoy just being a kid. He was doing all the things he loves like solving puzzles, playing piano, dancing, and being an active big brother.

Then in December 2022, Liam started complaining about headaches. With a bad gut feeling, his dad took him to SickKids for a check-up and testing.

The results were devastating, Liam had relapsed.

This January, Liam started treatment once again. He’s been getting through it as best he can and is remaining strong.

Liam’s family and friends have been pulling out all the stops to support him in his second battle, from shaving their heads to holding fundraisers.

He’s currently undergoing a new immunotherapy treatment, the likes of which are only possible from vital research that you are helping fund.

Liam, your story has inspired us to ride hard this August! Let’s do this!