Meet Annabelle

16-year-old Annabelle has a great sense of humour, loves art and enjoys spending time with her three dogs.

Her journey began in August 2020, when she started experiencing minor leg pain when cleaning her room.

Over the next few weeks, Annabelle's leg became swollen and she developed a limp, which led her to visit the local emergency department.

She received an x-ray of her leg, and the doctor strongly recommended she go to The Hospital for Sick Children.

That afternoon, Annabelle underwent a series of diagnostic tests at the SickKids emergency department.

A couple of days later, they received the life-changing news that Annabelle had osteosarcoma, a cancerous tumour in her leg.

After receiving the news, Annabelle immediately packed her bags and headed to SickKids to begin chemotherapy treatment. 

By late January 2021, the tumour was successfully responding to treatment, allowing Annabelle's medical team to perform limb salvage surgery. The surgery involved removing the tumour and doctors performing a total femur replacement. 

Annabelle had to complete her chemotherapy treatment all while relearning how to walk. She finished chemotherapy in May 2021 and by June was able to walk with the assistance of a cane. 

Annabelle's recovery went well throughout the summer and she was able to start grade 9 in September of that year.

However, in March 2022 Annabelle started experiencing random pains, which resulted in multiple visits to the hospital.

On May 12, she was shocked to discover a large lump on her back. She immediately called her mom, and they booked an appointment with her team at SickKids.

At her appointment, doctors confirmed Annabelle's worst fears... the cancer had grown back at a different location. She had a large tumour near her spinal cord, which was putting pressure on her stomach and bladder.

She was readmitted to SickKids and had to endure more intensive chemotherapy and radiation treatments.

Annabelle completed treatment in August 2022, and follow-up scans in October showed that the treatment slowed the growth of her tumour. To maintain the progress, Annabelle began taking oral chemotherapy pills. 

In January 2023, Annabelle's tumour appeared to stop growing, so she decided to take a break from her chemotherapy pills.

Today, her tumour remains stable, and there hasn't been any evidence of progression for some time.

Annabelle and her medical team cannot predict how long her cancer will remain stable, but she remains positive and continues to make everyone around her laugh.

Annabelle, your positivity and strength are incredible. We will be cycling and fundraising for you this August!