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Rank Name Raised
111th Sofronio Garrucho Sofronio Garrucho $500
111th St├ęphane Dionne Stéphane Dionne $500
111th Tim Martin Tim Martin $500
122nd Brenda Done Brenda Done $490
122nd Tom Skolyszewski Tom Skolyszewski $490
124th Pat Brand Pat Brand $486
125th Linda Kovacs Linda Kovacs $485
126th Guy Faucher Guy Faucher $480
127th Rachel Craig Rachel Craig $470
127th Ryan Ozga Ryan Ozga $470
129th John Macey John Macey $455
130th Andy Harrower Andy Harrower $490
130th Sharon Montpellier Sharon Montpellier $450
130th Veronica Warkentin Veronica Warkentin $450
133rd Che Baird Che Baird $440
133rd Kristi Morrison Kristi Morrison $440
133rd Tracy Johnston Tracy Johnston $440
136th Lorne Duke Lorne Duke $436
137th Andrew Bennett Andrew Bennett $435
138th Don Ross Don Ross $430