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Rank Name Raised
1st Timothée Léger Timothée Léger $961
N/A Jarrod Russell Jarrod Russell $0
N/A Berk Sagocak Berk Sagocak $0
N/A Daniel Counsell Daniel Counsell $0
N/A George Homer George Homer $0
N/A Jason Rainville Jason Rainville $0
N/A Rick Schroeder Rick Schroeder $0
N/A Saba Yousefi Saba Yousefi $0
4th Mikey12110 Poulin Mikey12110 Poulin $50
N/A Curtis Repen Curtis Repen $0
N/A Jim Fortin Jim Fortin $0
N/A boyd BETKER boyd BETKER $0
N/A Brett Bourne Brett Bourne $0
N/A Dale Sorensen Dale Sorensen $0
3rd Jack Chen Jack Chen $85
N/A Mike Vivero Mike Vivero $0
N/A Stacey Rodrigues Stacey Rodrigues $0
N/A Stacey Rodrigues Stacey Rodrigues $0
N/A Jamie Lamont Jamie Lamont $0
N/A Manea Raweson Manea Raweson $0