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Rank Name Raised
114th Lynn Moroz Lynn Moroz $2,740.24
115th Colin whiteley Colin whiteley $2,733.88
116th Suzanne Rutherford Suzanne Rutherford $2,730.52
117th Stu Hoover Stu Hoover $2,730
118th Edward McGurran Edward McGurran $2,711.40
119th Robert Reyerse Robert Reyerse $2,699.62
120th Lori Howes Lori Howes $2,694.46
121st Joan Coffin Joan Coffin $2,687.28
122nd Anthony Tondino Anthony Tondino $2,683.10
123rd Judy Halpern Judy Halpern $2,659.94
124th Emma Prendergast Emma Prendergast $2,658.27
125th Matthew Brocke Matthew Brocke $2,653.99
126th David Luckman David Luckman $2,645.44
127th Paul Proulx Paul Proulx $2,639.94
128th Jim Kirby Jim Kirby $2,624.63
129th Amanda Huxter Amanda Huxter $2,617.85
130th James Wilson James Wilson $2,612.60
131st Lynn Patterson Lynn Patterson $2,597.93
132nd Jamie Maillet Jamie Maillet $2,595.55
133rd Sheldene Reich Sheldene Reich $2,595