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Rank Name Raised
108th Stephan Woessmann Stephan Woessmann $500
121st Elizabeth Lizzy Kitties Elizabeth Lizzy Kitties $486
N/A Jennifer McCambridge Jennifer McCambridge $0
122nd Michelle Mackintosh Michelle Mackintosh $470
122nd Simmons Kwan Simmons Kwan $470
124th Barb Yorke Barb Yorke $451
125th Tina Scarlett Tina Scarlett $450
126th Jen Sawyer Jen Sawyer $435
126th Mark Eccleston Mark Eccleston $435
126th Reginald Decoste Reginald Decoste $435
126th Vanessa Steen Vanessa Steen $435
130th Fraser Head Fraser Head $425
131st Mary Pratt Mary Pratt $420
132nd Andrew Campbell Andrew Campbell $410
132nd Darryl Toews Darryl Toews $410
134th Immaculee Uwanyiligira Immaculee Uwanyiligira $400
134th Terry Duncan Terry Duncan $400
136th Bahareh Ameri Bahareh Ameri $380
137th Ashley Swain Ashley Swain $365
137th Marcia Gee Marcia Gee $365