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Rank Name Raised
120th Fiona Christiansen Fiona Christiansen $1,350
120th Hubert Gauthier Hubert Gauthier $1,350
120th James D Carroll James D Carroll $1,350
120th Lucas Crutchfield Lucas Crutchfield $1,350
120th Pete Lipohar Pete Lipohar $1,350
121st George Faria George Faria $1,710
125th Alison Keys Alison Keys $1,345
125th Courtney Clarke Courtney Clarke $1,345
127th Paul Allsop Paul Allsop $1,340
127th Paul Stanley Paul Stanley $1,340
129th Janet Holden Janet Holden $1,335
130th MĂ©lanie Gagnon Mélanie Gagnon $1,330
131st Janice Buyers Janice Buyers $1,325
131st Keegan Mifsud Keegan Mifsud $1,325
133rd Anita De Iure Anita De Iure $1,315
133rd Jamie Maillet Jamie Maillet $1,315
135th Maureen McMahon Maureen McMahon $1,310
135th Nolan Nicholas Nolan Nicholas $1,310
137th Davey Jay Davey Jay $1,305
137th Paul Attack Paul Attack $1,305