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Rank Name Raised
1st Rick Schroeder Rick Schroeder $300
2nd Colin Climie Colin Climie $125
3rd Zachary Wells Zachary Wells $120
4th Pauline Robinet Pauline Robinet $100
5th Gerry Pot Gerry Pot $70
5th Mike Cuthbert Mike Cuthbert $70
7th Brian Bohnert Brian Bohnert $50
7th Robert Ripley Robert Ripley $50
9th Colleen Trimble Schneider Colleen Trimble Schneider $35
9th Marcia Gee Marcia Gee $35
9th Vicki Porteous Vicki Porteous $35
12th Jason Rainville Jason Rainville $15
N/A Aaron Hughes Aaron Hughes $0
N/A Abby Kendall Abby Kendall $0
N/A Al McAlpine Al McAlpine $0
N/A Alena Bajkov Alena Bajkov $0
N/A Alessandro Pisaturo Alessandro Pisaturo $0
N/A Alex Moreau Alex Moreau $0
N/A amy jackson amy jackson $0
N/A Andrew Campbell Andrew Campbell $0