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Rank Name Raised
N/A Jacques Lamontagne Jacques Lamontagne $0
N/A Jacques Lepage Jacques Lepage $0
N/A James King James King $0
N/A James McDougall James McDougall $0
N/A Jamie Lamont Jamie Lamont $0
N/A Jan Hamilton Jan Hamilton $0
N/A Janet Hardy Janet Hardy $0
N/A Janet O’Brien Janet O’Brien $0
N/A Janey Renshaw Janey Renshaw $0
N/A Jarrod Russell Jarrod Russell $0
N/A Jason Chau Jason Chau $0
N/A Jay Curts Jay Curts $0
N/A Jessica MacDougall Jessica MacDougall $0
N/A John Donnelly John Donnelly $0
N/A John Downes John Downes $0
N/A Jonathan Parker Jonathan Parker $0
N/A Josué Thervil Josué Thervil $0
N/A Julian Navaratnam Julian Navaratnam $0
N/A Julian Sale Julian Sale $0
N/A Justin Cunningham Justin Cunningham $0