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Rank Name Raised
120th Lyndell Levitt Lyndell Levitt 6years $5,281
121st Jay Hitchen Jay Hitchen 5years $5,277
122nd Tami Giesbrecht Tami Giesbrecht $5,247
123rd Paul Proulx Paul Proulx 4years $5,247
124th Rosemary Rowntree Rosemary Rowntree 2years $5,245
125th Kendra Le Page Kendra Le Page 2years $5,223
126th Gus Farrell Gus Farrell $5,220
127th Theresa McNish Theresa McNish 3years $5,220
128th Carmel Ecker Carmel Ecker $5,211
129th Dominic Daguerre Dominic Daguerre 3years $5,197
130th Martin Male Martin Male 2years $5,195
131st Tamer Yacoub Tamer Yacoub $5,181
132nd Martin Wilkins Martin Wilkins $5,179
133rd Lucio Caterina Lucio Caterina 5years $5,178
2425th Julie McCarthy Julie McCarthy 2years $5,172
134th Randy Manych Randy Manych $5,165
135th Gail Westgate Gail Westgate $5,153
136th George Bugajda George Bugajda 2years $5,150
137th Andy Maher Andy Maher $5,146
138th David Houston David Houston 2years $5,138