Jennifer Ashcroft

Jennifer Ashcroft
I did it, it’s done and let’s close this chapter! Thank you for your support. Xo
I've Ridden 502.7 km to fight kids' cancer
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  • National: 1423rd
  • Province: 673rd in ON
  • My Team: 12th
I've raised $770 to fight kids' cancer Donate Now

I'm Riding For


I'm riding for Auntie Jody.....the strongest woman I know and the most incredible mother to two girls. You are such an inspiration to us all! xo

My Story

16 May 2018

This June, I am taking part in the Great Cycle Challenge to fight kids' cancer! I will be riding for kids and the grown ups we know who are fighting their own battles right now.

Please support me by making a donation to give these kids the brighter futures they deserve so they can grow up and enjoy life.

Your support will not only change little lives but also the parents, grandparents, cousins, aunts/uncles and caregivers who are affected by someone diagnosed with cancer. I will ride for Mallory's godmother who is also fighting her own fight and kickin' butt every step of the way.

Thank you.

My Challenge

  • THANK YOU!!!!
    3 Jul 2018

    It’s taken me a few days to recover from the month of June, I can say 500km pushed me to my limits! I have set my sights on increasing my goal for 2019, if you don’t challenge yourself how will you grow.....

    The biggest challenge was to find time to ride, you have to be diligent with the schedule and not bend should something come up.

    It was an honour and privilege to be apart of this great event/team and big thanks to my family for your very generous support.

    See you all this summer!

    Lots of love,

    Auntie Jen/Mom

    Posted 49 days ago
  • 24.0 km ride - #14.....challenge complete! - June 30, 2018
    Logged this ride 52 days ago
  • 43.0 km ride - #13 Almost there!!!!! - June 29, 2018
    Logged this ride 53 days ago
  • 35.0 km ride -’s going to be a slow burn to the finish line - June 26, 2018
    Logged this ride 56 days ago
  • 52.0 km ride - #11....home stretch.... - June 25, 2018
    Logged this ride 57 days ago
  • 42.0 km ride - #10....will be a long day but every KM helps! - June 22, 2018
    Logged this ride 60 days ago
  • 32.0 km ride - #9....need some big rides in the next week - June 19, 2018
    Logged this ride 63 days ago
  • 21.0 km ride - #8....chipping away.... - June 15, 2018
    Logged this ride 67 days ago
  • 27.0 km ride - #7......need to hit half way! - June 12, 2018
    Logged this ride 70 days ago
  • 41.0 km ride - #6......triple crown motivation - June 10, 2018
    Logged this ride 72 days ago
  • 30.2 km ride - #5....earbuds in and music cranked - June 9, 2018
    Logged this ride 73 days ago
  • One week down and slowly ticking off the KM's......
    7 Jun 2018

    I'll never forget my brother-in-law challenging me to increase the KM goal to 1,000.......that would've been a full time job and one I might take on next year! (he'll have to do this with me)

    Friday will be one week into this 500 km challenge, it's been a bit of a struggle to find time to fit in the rides and have learned to schedule them in (and never miss one). Everything takes hard work and I'm reminded by the incredible stories that pop up on my email about the families and their kids who have fought hard to win their battles with cancer.

    The girls held a lemonade stand a few weeks ago with the intention to donate to SK (they raised $120), I'll be putting it towards the ride. Every little bit counts and I'm so thankful for the family and friends who are supporting me in this challenge. I won't let you down!

    Much love,

    Jennifer/Auntie Jen

    One week down and slowly ticking off the KM's......
    Posted 75 days ago
  • 53.0 km ride - #4 shouldn't be easy but it's so worth it. - June 7, 2018
    Logged this ride 75 days ago
  • 10.5 km ride - #3.....fitting it in when I can! - June 5, 2018
    Logged this ride 77 days ago
  • 47.0 km ride - #2 ride....not getting easier! - June 3, 2018
    Logged this ride 79 days ago
  • 45.0 km ride - #1 one down....bring on June! - June 1, 2018
    Logged this ride 81 days ago
  • $500 raised to fight kids' cancer!

    I just hit $500 to fight kids' cancer! Thank you so much for your support.

    Posted 92 days ago
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