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Rank Name Raised
2140th Michael Denomme Michael Denomme 2years $545
982nd Myles Witt Myles Witt 2years $903
2451st Don Thorpe Don Thorpe 3years $500
N/A Chris Zhang Chris Zhang 2years $0
616th Curtis Stambaugh Curtis Stambaugh 2years $1,192
N/A John Mikhael John Mikhael $0
2238th Martin O'Gorman Martin O'Gorman 2years $526
N/A Mark Lim Mark Lim 2years $0
1953rd Chris Hamel Chris Hamel $582
4368th Murray Hartung Murray Hartung 5years $188
6320th Jarred Lau Jarred Lau 2years $65
N/A Selim Can Selim Can 3years $0
763rd Curtis Repen Curtis Repen 4years $1,059
944th Duane Allen Duane Allen 2years $927
N/A Martin McConnochie Martin McConnochie 2years $0
138th Doug Bowser Doug Bowser $2,732
2873rd Warren Goertzen Warren Goertzen 4years $399
1494th Edwin Bezzina Edwin Bezzina 2years $687
N/A Dexter Orina Dexter Orina $0
50th Diane Dempsey Diane Dempsey 2years $4,235