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Rank Name Raised
20th Henrietta Olthoff Mulder Henrietta Olthoff Mulder $630
21st Sofronio Garrucho Sofronio Garrucho $595
22nd Roger Smith Roger Smith $550
23rd Tina Neville Tina Neville $545
24th Geoff Poyntz Geoff Poyntz $525
24th Laurie Fischer Laurie Fischer $525
25th Peter Cortesis Peter Cortesis $675
26th Dave Musselwhite Dave Musselwhite $520
26th David Perry David Perry $520
26th Jim Curry Jim Curry $520
29th Andrew Lilly Andrew Lilly $510
30th Anne Godin Anne Godin $500
30th Dave Murray Dave Murray $500
30th Dean Shaw Dean Shaw $500
30th Garth Fleece Garth Fleece $500
30th Lisa Maroney Axnix Lisa Maroney Axnix $500
30th Mohammad Zolmajd Mohammad Zolmajd $500
30th Paulette Belanger Paulette Belanger $500
30th Richard Teixeira Richard Teixeira $500
30th Rowan Firth-Masi Rowan Firth-Masi $500