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Rank Name Raised
198th Paul Proulx Paul Proulx 4years $2,951
199th Johnny Birkd Johnny Birkd $2,950
200th Joan Cartwright Joan Cartwright $2,945
201st Wayne Pulman Wayne Pulman 2years $2,938
202nd Aimee Connors Aimee Connors $2,935
203rd Veronica Lau Veronica Lau 3years $2,929
204th Madison Colletti Madison Colletti $2,926
205th Lyndell Levitt Lyndell Levitt 6years $2,909
206th Jason Monk Jason Monk 4years $2,907
207th Julie Williams Julie Williams $2,903
208th Jean Giachino Jean Giachino 4years $2,897
3480th Harpreet Bajwa Harpreet Bajwa 3years $2,894
209th Libby Scholz Libby Scholz $2,893
210th Danielle Monette Danielle Monette 2years $2,892
211th David Houston David Houston $2,887
212th JOHN LEE JOHN LEE $2,883
213th Bharat Nagin Bharat Nagin 2years $2,883
214th David Oliphant David Oliphant 2years $2,881
215th Brent Houston Brent Houston 2years $2,865
216th Courtney Clarke Courtney Clarke 3years $2,862