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Rank Name Raised
21st Michelle Taylor Michelle Taylor $635
22nd Dale Stephenson Dale Stephenson $625
23rd Gene De St Croix Gene De St Croix $620
24th Mervin Reibin Mervin Reibin $620
25th Shelley Cote Shelley Cote $610
26th Kelly Dory Kelly Dory $605
26th Walter Calnek Walter Calnek $605
28th Tyson Loeppky Tyson Loeppky $590
29th Michelle Mackintosh Michelle Mackintosh $570
30th Cathy Demone Blais Cathy Demone Blais $555
31st Jim Curry Jim Curry $550
32nd Michelle Hourihan Michelle Hourihan $535
32nd Rebecca DuChampagne Rebecca DuChampagne $535
34th Lannie Mugleston Lannie Mugleston $515
34th Michael Goldade Michael Goldade $515
36th Jorin Green Jorin Green $510
37th Sindujah Jeyakumar Sindujah Jeyakumar $505
38th Ann McDonald Ann McDonald $500
38th Chris Waterhouse Chris Waterhouse $500
38th Mike Labossiere Mike Labossiere $500