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Rank Name Raised
1st The Chainbreakers The Chainbreakers $13,035.29
Members of The Chainbreakers
750th Alison Barnfather Alison Barnfather $1,220
997th Suzanne Brooks Suzanne Brooks $1,052.38
1251st Shauna Panton Shauna Panton $935
1304th Meredith Angel Meredith Angel $910.76
1847th Daniel Cook Daniel Cook $720.55
1849th Ruby Sharma Ruby Sharma $720
1927th Matt Wylie Matt Wylie $700
1973rd Alexandra McClure Alexandra McClure $690
2079th Shane Brent Shane Brent $665.24
2819th Lindsey Bright Lindsey Bright $539.26
2861st Kendra Streit Kendra Streit $533.84
3305th Mary McEwen Mary McEwen $498.63
3448th Theresa Rowan Theresa Rowan $438.52
3710th Alanna Tchir Alanna Tchir $353.10
3724th Eric Purvis Eric Purvis $350
3760th Dominique LeBlanc Dominique LeBlanc $341.71
3781st Lara Fowler Lara Fowler $336.60
3856th Selina Spessot Selina Spessot $320
3984th Amber Clarke Amber Clarke $299.99
4217th Charlene Chu Charlene Chu $250
4383rd Janis Scott Janis Scott $226.92
5042nd Ashley Perrin-Connon Ashley Perrin-Connon $139.69
5304th Hannah Connon Hannah Connon $116.92
5440th Joyce Lee Joyce Lee $100
5440th Olivia Dong Olivia Dong $100
5440th Tracy Perreault Tracy Perreault $100
5783rd Rhea Wade Rhea Wade $81.92
5895th Joanne Cyr-Allen Joanne Cyr-Allen $73.73
6058th Koren Lee Koren Lee $65.53
6908th Andres Andi' Godoy Andres Andi' Godoy $30
6939th Karman So Karman So $25
N/A Aaron Price Aaron Price $0
N/A Ben Luong Ben Luong $0
N/A Brooke Nowicki Brooke Nowicki $0
N/A Christine Mireault Christine Mireault $0
N/A Danielle Michaud Danielle Michaud $0
N/A Danny Rowan Danny Rowan $0
N/A Janice L Janice L $0
N/A Judy Zsoldos Judy Zsoldos $0
N/A Julie Reader Julie Reader $0
N/A Michelle Lowey Michelle Lowey $0
N/A Richard Cheung Richard Cheung $0
N/A veronica sakamoto veronica sakamoto $0
108th Justin Cocks Justin Cocks $3,177.99
364th Laci Farczadi Laci Farczadi $1,861.60
433rd Russell Anderson Russell Anderson $1,695.44
1703rd Yinky Chan Yinky Chan $765.13
2817th Zachary Wood-Seems Zachary Wood-Seems $539.69
N/A Ashley Trepanier Ashley Trepanier $510.22
4985th Jason Chau Jason Chau $145
5906th Tom Eminowicz Tom Eminowicz $70
3rd Thurber Calgary - The Wheel Deal Thurber Calgary - The Wheel Deal $1,901.92
Members of Thurber Calgary - The Wheel Deal
1354th Tyler Clay Tyler Clay $890
2646th Jessica Friesen Jessica Friesen $561.92
5440th James Ryan James Ryan $100
N/A Remco Kleinlugtenbelt Remco Kleinlugtenbelt $0
4th Prodomax Trailblazers Prodomax Trailblazers $9,817.40
Members of Prodomax Trailblazers
206th Don Leslie Don Leslie $2,520.70
387th Lee Carson Lee Carson $1,819.31
1017th Adam Smith Adam Smith $1,047.89
1083rd Shane Viccary Shane Viccary $1,016.64
2097th Sean Steele Sean Steele $661.92
3054th Greg Parker Greg Parker $505.87
3464th Martin DeVillers Martin DeVillers $428.52
3940th Mallory Dunlop & Mark Houston Mallory Dunlop & Mark Houston $301.92
4676th Astrid Prueger Astrid Prueger $181.92
5093rd Angela Kuiack Angela Kuiack $134.69
5199th David Matynowski David Matynowski $120
N/A Cody Shelp Cody Shelp $0
N/A Gabrielle Huber Gabrielle Huber $0
N/A Martin R. Wachholz Martin R. Wachholz $0
N/A Shannon Nicol Shannon Nicol $0
N/A Victor Ceolin Victor Ceolin $0
5th LIVE WELL Vancouver LIVE WELL Vancouver $10,804.07
Members of LIVE WELL Vancouver
343rd paul nguyen paul nguyen $1,947.73
384th Suzanne Ostrow Suzanne Ostrow $1,821.94
N/A Kash Ghag Kash Ghag $1,100
1020th Roy Lamont Roy Lamont $1,046.20
1696th Hannah Tonneman Hannah Tonneman $768.84
2142nd Kelly Quinlan Kelly Quinlan $650
2284th Melanie Klintworth Melanie Klintworth $621.92
N/A Margaret Brownrigg Margaret Brownrigg $359.26
3949th Grant Cameron Grant Cameron $300
5105th Allison Barnes Allison Barnes $131.92
5105th Stephanie Hendy Stephanie Hendy $131.92
5432nd Jordan Phillips Jordan Phillips $101
N/A Bev Lane Bev Lane $100
5783rd Denise Jaffe Denise Jaffe $81.92
6152nd Margie McLeod Margie McLeod $55
6192nd Claire Smits Claire Smits $52.77
N/A Angela Sanderson Angela Sanderson $50
6197th michelle uyeda michelle uyeda $50
6197th Rhonda Romolock Rhonda Romolock $50
N/A David Darker David Darker $25
N/A Bob Orlando Bob Orlando $0
N/A Carly Peterson Carly Peterson $0
N/A Chandni Datta Chandni Datta $0
N/A Cindy Chan Cindy Chan $0
N/A Jo Leary Jo Leary $0
N/A Karen Kohfeld Karen Kohfeld $0
N/A Lucille Wang Lucille Wang $0
N/A Mauree McCully Mauree McCully $0
N/A Megan Phillips Megan Phillips $0
N/A Melody Owen Melody Owen $0
N/A Rhonda Langlois Rhonda Langlois $0
N/A Teresa G Teresa G $0
6th Geotab bike squad Geotab bike squad $1,639.30
Members of Geotab bike squad
3484th Ricardo Laranjeiro Ricardo Laranjeiro $420
3940th Azucena Gonzalez Azucena Gonzalez $301.92
4865th Kevin Wong Kevin Wong $155
5199th Émilie Corcoran Émilie Corcoran $120
6197th Kevin de Sousa Kevin de Sousa $50
6197th Stephan de Wit Stephan de Wit $50
7233rd John Jiang John Jiang $16.38
N/A Cristian Ivascu Cristian Ivascu $0
N/A Darren Beams Darren Beams $0
N/A Devin Dsouza Devin Dsouza $0
N/A Dominic Loong Dominic Loong $0
N/A Julia Corcoran Julia Corcoran $0
N/A Matt Broughall Matt Broughall $0
N/A Mert Sonmezler Mert Sonmezler $0
N/A Michael Tran Michael Tran $0
7th Telus Victory Team Telus Victory Team $3,341.05
Members of Telus Victory Team
357th Mark Davis Mark Davis $1,897.58
3034th Wellington Leite Wellington Leite $509.30
3083rd Haley Kaffanke Haley Kaffanke $504.17
3461st Jon Manweiller Jon Manweiller $430
N/A Andrei Ianouchkevitch Andrei Ianouchkevitch $0
N/A Kim Borres Kim Borres $0
N/A Ryan Bruyere Ryan Bruyere $0
8th Swiss Re Slow Uphillers Swiss Re Slow Uphillers $13,306.56
Members of Swiss Re Slow Uphillers
41st John Pfeffer John Pfeffer $4,563
N/A Jonathan Turner Jonathan Turner $3,537.77
N/A Michelle Mahabir Michelle Mahabir $1,455
737th Kathleen King Kathleen King $1,232.27
1567th David Moss David Moss $813.84
2636th Manuel Groeger Manuel Groeger $563.92
3802nd Heather Ingram Heather Ingram $331.92
4865th Andrea Wang Andrea Wang $155
9th Pacemakers Pacemakers $1,125
Members of Pacemakers
3390th Larisa Sviridova Larisa Sviridova $455
4087th krysta wallbank krysta wallbank $275
5440th Julie  & Grayson (age 5) Kwan Julie & Grayson (age 5) Kwan $100
6550th Gevorg Eginyan Gevorg Eginyan $35
N/A Angelo Graffos Angelo Graffos $0
N/A Iven Yap Iven Yap $0
N/A Jeremy McElroy Jeremy McElroy $0
N/A Michelle Arduini Michelle Arduini $0
N/A Nataliya Minenok Nataliya Minenok $0
N/A Sarah von Innerebner Sarah von Innerebner $0
10th Nolan Hill Sobeys Nolan Hill Sobeys $4,065.81
Members of Nolan Hill Sobeys
307th Dawn Racette Dawn Racette $2,066.20
2160th Kenneth Pantoja Kenneth Pantoja $648.43
2613th Barb Bryan Barb Bryan $567.34
3365th FP Solit FP Solit $463.84
11th Bass Pro Shops - Vancouver Bass Pro Shops - Vancouver $9,112.56
Members of Bass Pro Shops - Vancouver
58th John Donnelly John Donnelly $4,000
382nd Skye Mennen Skye Mennen $1,827.71
701st lester wagner lester wagner $1,265.76
725th Ross Pearson Ross Pearson $1,244.92
N/A Stephanie Muise Stephanie Muise $434.17
5440th Julie Scribner Julie Scribner $100
5906th Aimy Stecher Aimy Stecher $70
7064th Tony Blouin Tony Blouin $20
N/A Chris Villanueva Chris Villanueva $0
N/A Christen Haines Christen Haines $0
N/A cody lane cody lane $0
N/A Danielle Fraser Danielle Fraser $0
N/A Darla Donnelly Darla Donnelly $0
N/A Gabriel Sanjurjo Gabriel Sanjurjo $0
N/A Jamie Schellenberg Jamie Schellenberg $0
N/A Jason Gontier Jason Gontier $0
N/A Jaylene Mennen Jaylene Mennen $0
N/A Kayla Morton Kayla Morton $0
N/A Keelia Paterson Keelia Paterson $0
N/A Kristian Adamson Kristian Adamson $0
N/A maclean white maclean white $0
N/A Mark Blouin Mark Blouin $0
N/A Nathan Tomas Nathan Tomas $0
N/A Seham Alahmadi Seham Alahmadi $0
12th WorkSafeBC WorkSafeBC $1,955.33
Members of WorkSafeBC
3159th Donna Parkyn Donna Parkyn $500
3159th Fred Golar Fred Golar $500
3748th Meghan Fitz-James Meghan Fitz-James $345
4450th Matthew Levy Matthew Levy $217.88
4739th Wade Metz Wade Metz $170
6197th Karen Takai Karen Takai $50
13th Poco Loco Poco Loco $2,870.96
Members of Poco Loco
872nd Rene Noreña Rene Noreña $1,124.91
2414th Shauna Dahl Shauna Dahl $600
3915th Laura Dale Laura Dale $307.84
4206th Juan Duque Juan Duque $253.95
4288th Anthony Waung Anthony Waung $244.26
4535th Mark Hansen Mark Hansen $200
5440th Anar Dossa Anar Dossa $100
6495th Alejandro Diaz Alejandro Diaz $40
N/A Jason Welch Jason Welch $0
N/A Jorge Tabares Jorge Tabares $0
14th Medavie Cyclepaths Medavie Cyclepaths $6,317.11
Members of Medavie Cyclepaths
326th Greg Delaney Greg Delaney $2,005.16
3139th Laura Dayman Laura Dayman $500.76
3528th Jeff Currie Jeff Currie $409.59
4611th Michel Martin Michel Martin $196.60
5440th Kim Ford Kim Ford $100
5906th Rhonda Currie Rhonda Currie $70
6550th Daniel Lanteigne Daniel Lanteigne $35
15th Beavers Dental Bikers Beavers Dental Bikers $4,574.10
Members of Beavers Dental Bikers
1349th Isabella Jordan Isabella Jordan $891.71
2576th Kimberly Blaney Kimberly Blaney $573
2931st Lisa Mackler Lisa Mackler $522.67
3159th Garry Beckstead Garry Beckstead $500
3856th judy davidson judy davidson $320
4276th Rosemary Van Allen Rosemary Van Allen $245
4291st Sidney Blokland Sidney Blokland $242.88
4402nd Darlene Marcellus Darlene Marcellus $223.84
4457th Megan Adams Megan Adams $215
4661st William Casselman William Casselman $185
4901st Dawn MacIntyre Dawn MacIntyre $150
4985th Kim Douma Kim Douma $145
16th Salesforce Vancouver Salesforce Vancouver $3,558.88
Members of Salesforce Vancouver
929th Irene Fung Irene Fung $1,090
3159th Julian Navaratnam Julian Navaratnam $500
3528th Greg Smolyn Greg Smolyn $409.59
5374th Clayton Harbour Clayton Harbour $105.96
5436th Yaoyao Lin Yaoyao Lin $100.53
5440th Martin Desrosiers Martin Desrosiers $100
17th Global Excel Global Excel $7,136.13
Members of Global Excel
295th Lou Caputo Lou Caputo $2,110.46
438th Steve McClung Steve McClung $1,682.67
3159th Hans Jonasson Hans Jonasson $500
3883rd Ashley Kovacs Ashley Kovacs $315
4111th Kim Connor Kim Connor $270
5199th Nathalie Lafond Nathalie Lafond $120
5664th Miranda Hanna Miranda Hanna $98
7064th Katelynn McLellan Katelynn McLellan $20
N/A Catherine Phaneuf Catherine Phaneuf $0
18th Velo-ciraptors Velo-ciraptors $1,405.45
Members of Velo-ciraptors
4036th Cam Nguyen Cam Nguyen $285.76
4449th Sheila Currie Sheila Currie $217.99
N/A Haley du Fresne Haley du Fresne $193.84
4899th Elizabeth Rodgers Elizabeth Rodgers $150.52
5144th Paul Lalonde Paul Lalonde $125
5144th Reuben Ford Reuben Ford $125
5440th Heather Smith Fowler Heather Smith Fowler $100
6077th Sonya Howard Sonya Howard $62.34
6197th David Gyarmati David Gyarmati $50
6197th Michael Dowie Michael Dowie $50
7332nd Jennifer Rae Jennifer Rae $5
7332nd Kelsey Brennan Kelsey Brennan $5
N/A Emilie Lapointe Emilie Lapointe $0
N/A Leah Bartlett Leah Bartlett $0
19th CapeScape Landscaping CapeScape Landscaping $5,371.32
Members of CapeScape Landscaping
115th Daina Basso Daina Basso $3,130
1927th Gary Basso Gary Basso $700
3024th Scott Boyd Scott Boyd $509.80
3879th Conrad Snow Conrad Snow $315.76
3879th Gillian Snow Gillian Snow $315.76
4171st Jenna Gay Jenna Gay $260
5696th Michelle Campbell Michelle Campbell $90
N/A Alisha Knowles Alisha Knowles $0
N/A Andy Knowles Andy Knowles $0
N/A Hayley Porter Hayley Porter $0
N/A Keely Wadden Keely Wadden $0
N/A Kenneth Macleod Kenneth Macleod $0
N/A Kourtney Derouin Kourtney Derouin $0
N/A Nancy Sheaves Nancy Sheaves $0
N/A Rashedul Rafi Rashedul Rafi $0
20th Semtech_Canada Semtech_Canada $2,196.92
Members of Semtech_Canada
1661st Heidi B Heidi B $781.92
3159th Durray Farooqi Durray Farooqi $500
3568th Steven Porter Steven Porter $400
3671st Bryan Ault Bryan Ault $365
21st Emergency Management BC Emergency Management BC $1,549.06
Members of Emergency Management BC
1127th Ian Foss Ian Foss $1,003.84
3441st Morgan Endacott Morgan Endacott $440.22
5906th AJ Hesford AJ Hesford $70
N/A Armel Castellan Armel Castellan $0
N/A David Hewson David Hewson $0
N/A David Tomaz David Tomaz $0
N/A Stephen Watt Stephen Watt $0
22nd Perforcers Perforcers $5,144.54
Members of Perforcers
370th Cyclo Capo Cyclo Capo $1,846.44
399th Bert Carapiet Bert Carapiet $1,779.96
2032nd Jennifer Capitani Jennifer Capitani $675.02
5440th Lisa Robertson Lisa Robertson $100
6478th Kurt Bruneau Kurt Bruneau $40.96
23rd Fit PALs Fit PALs $4,074.28
Members of Fit PALs
164th David Luckman David Luckman $2,695.44
N/A Natalie Wert Natalie Wert $541.92
2977th Megan Angelini Megan Angelini $515
5440th Tonia Savoury-Drewlo Tonia Savoury-Drewlo $100
7064th Herbert Gradauer Herbert Gradauer $20
24th Thales TRT Canada Thales TRT Canada $2,164.88
Members of Thales TRT Canada
1311th Mihai Florea Mihai Florea $908.25
2508th Benoit Debaque Benoit Debaque $584.91
3365th Frederic Audet Frederic Audet $463.84
N/A Abdessattar Hayouni Abdessattar Hayouni $0
N/A Benedicte Chatelais Benedicte Chatelais $0
N/A Catherine Roy Catherine Roy $0
N/A Jonathan Ouellet Jonathan Ouellet $0
N/A Maelle KOPF Maelle KOPF $0
N/A Mathieu Valour Mathieu Valour $0
N/A Samuel Gaudreault Samuel Gaudreault $0
25th NordFit Studio NordFit Studio $3,860.98
Members of NordFit Studio
408th Lynne Danis Lynne Danis $1,755
1674th Sylvie Bourque Sylvie Bourque $775.98
2240th Lyne Caya Lyne Caya $630
2414th Celine Bourque Celine Bourque $600
N/A Crystal Dobson Crystal Dobson $0
26th hilton garden pedal pushers hilton garden pedal pushers $1,555
Members of hilton garden pedal pushers
495th Heather Howkins Heather Howkins $1,555
N/A Brock Pelchat Brock Pelchat $0
N/A Leea Sawyer Leea Sawyer $0
27th Dockside Physiotherapy Dockside Physiotherapy $1,050
Members of Dockside Physiotherapy
1151st Mary-Anne Levson Mary-Anne Levson $1,000
6197th Evan Thomas Evan Thomas $50
N/A Abhinav Rai Abhinav Rai $0
N/A Nancy Wang Nancy Wang $0
28th Vincent Design Vincent Design $2,327.69
Members of Vincent Design
1496th Katie Milbery Katie Milbery $835.13
2185th Chris Redekop Chris Redekop $642.56
2558th Shaun Vincent Shaun Vincent $575
4087th Kali MacDonald Kali MacDonald $275
29th Dassault Systèmes Dassault Systèmes $3,880.90
Members of Dassault Systèmes
381st Paul Carter Paul Carter $1,829.80
999th Hector (Tito) Solis Hector (Tito) Solis $1,051.71
1779th Melanie Arguin Melanie Arguin $741.23
4523rd Valerie Dumais Valerie Dumais $203.16
30th Upside Riders Upside Riders $4,804.44
Members of Upside Riders
770th Terry Hopman Terry Hopman $1,207.45
1230th Paul Murphy Paul Murphy $948.52
1301st Rex Perchard Rex Perchard $912.05
1905th Dylan Peterson Dylan Peterson $705.02
31st Priceline Partner Network Priceline Partner Network $220
Members of Priceline Partner Network
5736th Michael Moski Michael Moski $85
7064th Iain Connor Iain Connor $20
N/A Jay Smith Jay Smith $0
N/A Nick Burke-Gaffney Nick Burke-Gaffney $0
N/A Ryan Bend Ryan Bend $0
32nd Starbucks@LordElgin Starbucks@LordElgin $1,626.86
Members of Starbucks@LordElgin
1641st Laura MacDonald Laura MacDonald $790.35
2579th Chris Pearson Chris Pearson $572.67
4151st Paul Moore Paul Moore $263.84
N/A TENstrong TENstrong $0
Members of TENstrong
N/A Amanda Ross Amanda Ross $0
N/A Daniel Smith Daniel Smith $0
N/A Dean Schilling Dean Schilling $0
N/A Kelly Goodwin Kelly Goodwin $0
N/A Kendra Friesen Kendra Friesen $0
N/A Nadine Pearson Nadine Pearson $0
N/A Wes Loewen Wes Loewen $0
34th Salesforce Halifax Salesforce Halifax $2,885.92
Members of Salesforce Halifax
242nd Kyle McCauley Kyle McCauley $2,349.96
3350th John Bowman John Bowman $470
6053rd Robert Kang Robert Kang $65.96
N/A Andrew Little Andrew Little $0
N/A Leigh Wetmore Leigh Wetmore $0
35th Easy Rider's Easy Rider's $3,681.48
Members of Easy Rider's
553rd Jean-Pierre Salamé Jean-Pierre Salamé $1,488.02
N/A Martin Leclair Martin Leclair $938.11
2138th Sara Shaw Sara Shaw $651.51
36th Barrie Public Library Barrie Public Library $2,441.09
Members of Barrie Public Library
1374th Martha Chown Martha Chown $882.67
4532nd Serena McGovern Serena McGovern $621.71
4380th Jane Little Jane Little $227.34
4501st Sharon Hoedlmoser Sharon Hoedlmoser $205
4865th Chantale Boileau Chantale Boileau $155
5006th Chris Streets Chris Streets $142.88
5440th Alison Schroeder Alison Schroeder $100
7233rd Judy Morozuk Judy Morozuk $16.38
7233rd Shannon Mason Shannon Mason $16.38
37th MedPoint MedPoint $1,236.92
Members of MedPoint
1687th Jon Matthews Jon Matthews $770
4356th Kent Utman Kent Utman $231.92
5199th Ron Young Ron Young $120
6152nd Julie Bwanka Julie Bwanka $55
6197th Phillip Drygala Phillip Drygala $50
N/A Andrea Lyons Andrea Lyons $0
N/A Eileen- Maire Hawthorne Eileen- Maire Hawthorne $0
N/A Hannah McCutcheon Hannah McCutcheon $0
N/A Michelle Weber Michelle Weber $0
N/A Nicole Cibulka Nicole Cibulka $0
38th Waterloo iNCRedibles Waterloo iNCRedibles $4,389.40
Members of Waterloo iNCRedibles
1362nd Tino Fernandes Tino Fernandes $887.72
1618th Arun Eapen Arun Eapen $800
1957th Saatvik Bhayana Saatvik Bhayana $695
3920th Cole Vander Veen Cole Vander Veen $305.53
3949th Brian Connell Brian Connell $300
5904th Pooja Joshi Pooja Joshi $71
7064th kanwar buttar kanwar buttar $20
N/A Gaurishankar Joshi Gaurishankar Joshi $0
N/A Saurabh Patel Saurabh Patel $0
N/A Veeru Kodavati Veeru Kodavati $0
39th Transport Canada National Aircraft Certification Riders Transport Canada National Aircraft Certification Riders $865
Members of Transport Canada National Aircraft Certification Riders
3159th Katherine Thompson Katherine Thompson $500
4363rd Remy Knoerr Remy Knoerr $230
5440th Audrey Manzo Audrey Manzo $100
6550th Brad Taylor Brad Taylor $35
N/A Alan Ritchie Alan Ritchie $0
40th Team Jansen Team Jansen $4,433.70
Members of Team Jansen
287th Tom Novosel Tom Novosel $2,138.48
627th Cory Hirsch Cory Hirsch $1,369.94
2403rd Trevor Smith Trevor Smith $602.40
5188th Greg Bell Greg Bell $122.88
N/A Jon Godwin Jon Godwin $0
41st TeamHGS TeamHGS $1,138.67
Members of TeamHGS
N/A solomon kappala solomon kappala $514.52
4661st Lou Johnston Lou Johnston $185
5199th Andrew Austin Andrew Austin $120
5339th Don Hasey Don Hasey $112.77
5736th Duane Yoshikawa Duane Yoshikawa $85
6102nd Lisa Woodgate Lisa Woodgate $66.38
N/A chijioke amadi chijioke amadi $0
N/A chinwe okwuwolu chinwe okwuwolu $0
N/A jitenderjeet singh jitenderjeet singh $0
N/A Parminder Saini Parminder Saini $0
N/A Precious Nmezi Precious Nmezi $0
N/A sahil sharma sahil sharma $0
N/A sophia oku sophia oku $0
N/A Vijay Jangra Vijay Jangra $0
42nd The Mighty Avalerians The Mighty Avalerians $1,550
Members of The Mighty Avalerians
2121st Hugh Lindley Hugh Lindley $655
5440th Nicolas Buache Nicolas Buache $100
N/A abeer qannita abeer qannita $0
N/A Marc L Marc L $0
43rd Modern Niagara Ottawa Modern Niagara Ottawa $2,008.21
Members of Modern Niagara Ottawa
1863rd Rob Tweedy Rob Tweedy $717.99
2841st Ernie Currie Ernie Currie $535.22
3949th Jason Bourgeau Jason Bourgeau $300
5440th Mitchell Hovey Mitchell Hovey $100
N/A Bruce Zhou Bruce Zhou $0
44th James Bay Care Cyclers James Bay Care Cyclers $3,348.04
Members of James Bay Care Cyclers
300th Burnie Nicholson Burnie Nicholson $2,100.53
1914th Kristina Schnarr Kristina Schnarr $703.67
3477th Dale Kirk Dale Kirk $423.84
5199th Lenora Brown Lenora Brown $120
N/A Alexandra Schram Alexandra Schram $0
45th Q-Crew Q-Crew $35
Members of Q-Crew
6550th Brodie Quinton Brodie Quinton $35
N/A Dan Mutimer Dan Mutimer $0
N/A Dana Bogers Dana Bogers $0
N/A Mackie Quinton Mackie Quinton $0
N/A Richard Heise Richard Heise $0
46th Success Fitness "Never Give Up" Success Fitness "Never Give Up" $2,113.52
Members of Success Fitness "Never Give Up"
1176th Sonja Bidese Sonja Bidese $998.52
1261st Paolo Bidese Paolo Bidese $930
5736th Rachel Olsen Rachel Olsen $85
N/A Lisa Burke Lisa Burke $0
N/A Lisa Burke Lisa Burke $0
47th Team Ornge Team Ornge $2,571.92
Members of Team Ornge
1066th Thomas Walker Thomas Walker $1,020
1447th Mahvareh Ahghari Mahvareh Ahghari $855
1986th Dagmar Stargard Dagmar Stargard $686.92
48th HMCS Calgary HMCS Calgary $487.03
Members of HMCS Calgary
3628th Kurt Arnold Kurt Arnold $382.03
5378th Taylor Marsh Taylor Marsh $105
49th NT Canada NT Canada $3,496.84
Members of NT Canada
86th John Tentomas John Tentomas $3,446.84
50th Wildewood Riders Wildewood Riders $316.60
Members of Wildewood Riders
4056th Joel Southwood Joel Southwood $281.60
6550th Naomi Wilde Naomi Wilde $35
N/A Nick Wilde Nick Wilde $0
N/A Terry Wilde Terry Wilde $0