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Rank Name Raised
139th Susan Johnston Susan Johnston $3,872
140th Julien Beauchamp Julien Beauchamp $3,871
141st Perry Dunmore Perry Dunmore $3,868
142nd Trevor Cradduck Trevor Cradduck $3,864
143rd Barb Kroeker Barb Kroeker $3,809
144th zac pregent zac pregent $3,807
145th Amanda Huxter Amanda Huxter $3,803
146th Chrizzandra LeePerry Chrizzandra LeePerry $3,795
147th Abby Kendall Abby Kendall $3,782
148th Jonathan Turner Jonathan Turner $3,781
149th Cheryl (Sarah and Zoe) Climie-Smith Cheryl (Sarah and Zoe) Climie-Smith $3,762
150th Tanner Dunkel Tanner Dunkel $3,759
151st Terri Craig Terri Craig $35
151st Tony Tucceri Tony Tucceri $3,755
152nd Tyler Dust Tyler Dust $3,745
153rd Gerry Pot Gerry Pot $3,732
154th Phil Homerski Phil Homerski $3,724
155th Sean Moore Sean Moore $3,722
156th Mark Eccleston Mark Eccleston $3,717
157th Perry Spencer Perry Spencer $3,711