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Rank Name Raised
N/A Guillaume Larocque Guillaume Larocque $0
N/A Gulrez Khan Gulrez Khan $0
N/A Guy Dugas Guy Dugas $0
N/A Hardeep Huiberg Hardeep Huiberg $0
N/A Harry Hester Harry Hester $0
N/A Hatef Keshvadi Hatef Keshvadi $0
N/A Heather Beaton Heather Beaton $0
N/A Hemant Bhadane Hemant Bhadane $0
N/A Henrietta Olthoff Mulder Henrietta Olthoff Mulder $0
N/A Himal Parekh Himal Parekh $0
N/A Ian Bradley Ian Bradley $0
N/A Ian Middleton Ian Middleton $0
N/A Irina Kochkina Irina Kochkina $0
N/A Ivana Carluccio Ivana Carluccio $0
N/A Jacques Lamontagne Jacques Lamontagne $0
N/A Jacques Lepage Jacques Lepage $0
N/A James King James King $0
N/A James Leitch James Leitch $0
N/A James McDougall James McDougall $0
N/A Jamie Lamont Jamie Lamont $0