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Rank Name Raised
7888th Lee Battams Lee Battams $245
N/A Sidney White Sidney White $0
9596th Ethan Skinner Ethan Skinner $95
172nd Gerry Pot Gerry Pot $4,103
N/A Vinay Tadapatri Vinay Tadapatri $0
N/A Mitchell Cornelius Wallace Mitchell Cornelius Wallace $0
1648th Rachel Peer Rachel Peer $1,372
2069th Jason LeBel Jason LeBel $1,200
442nd Don Vogt Don Vogt $2,915
6588th Joseph Hall Joseph Hall $489
256th Julian Sale Julian Sale $3,561
N/A Cormac Brown Cormac Brown $0
3482nd simon stables simon stables $822
N/A Frank Yee Frank Yee $0
107th Mike Engeland Mike Engeland $5,025
31st Todd Woods Todd Woods $8,097
10631st Mike Qiu Mike Qiu $46
5336th Mark Legault Mark Legault $570
341st Dr. Lorne Sokol Dr. Lorne Sokol $3,220
8498th Simon Piniel Simon Piniel $171