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Rank Name Raised
139th Ellery lewis Ellery lewis $355
140th Debbie Ferderber Debbie Ferderber $350
140th William Parsons William Parsons $350
142nd Angeline Saline Angeline Saline $344
143rd Mark Mcnab Mark Mcnab $340
143rd Mary-jo Lambert Mary-jo Lambert $340
143rd Sanj P Sanj P $340
N/A Elizabeth Lowe Elizabeth Lowe $0
146th Adrian Robertson Adrian Robertson $335
146th Bob Spencer Bob Spencer $335
148th Bill Vandenberk Bill Vandenberk $330
148th Sandi Hoppins Sandi Hoppins $330
150th Marieta Petrova Marieta Petrova $325
150th Sherry Clouse Sherry Clouse $325
152nd Danielle Dunlop Danielle Dunlop $320
152nd Jenna Holloway Jenna Holloway $320
152nd Stan MacNeil Stan MacNeil $320
155th Grace Ginther Grace Ginther $310
156th Jodie Mann Jodie Mann $305
157th Christopher Lynch Christopher Lynch $300