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Rank Name Raised
4913th Edward Soldo Edward Soldo $568
787th Jefferson Broomes Jefferson Broomes 6years $2,506
849th Anthony Banuelos Anthony Banuelos 2years $2,350
14th Laurie Fischer Laurie Fischer 2years $12,977
5725th Arkadiusz Broniarz Arkadiusz Broniarz 3years $502
N/A 재윤 이 재윤 이 2years $0
7281st Adam Kulchyski Adam Kulchyski 3years $209
2029th Bill Pye Bill Pye 2years $1,223
3017th Benny Purnama Benny Purnama $902
1918th Roy Jack Roy Jack 5years $1,268
3309th vincent gobuyan vincent gobuyan $825
N/A Dexter Orina Dexter Orina $0
2824th Trenton Lalonde Trenton Lalonde 5years $986
6647th Michael Kim Michael Kim $311
N/A jesse scholtes jesse scholtes 3years $0
3868th Reginald Decoste Reginald Decoste 2years $715
993rd Peter Campbell Peter Campbell 3years $2,042
N/A Tyrone Siglos Tyrone Siglos 3years $0
600th Raff Melito Raff Melito $2,717
1899th Bryce Huffman Bryce Huffman 2years $1,276