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Rank Name Raised
36th William Southcott William Southcott 3years $72
41st David Walsh David Walsh 3years $70
42nd Jaime Pacreu Jaime Pacreu 7years $62
43rd Tracey Nelson Tracey Nelson 7years $56
44th Al Muma Al Muma 3years $52
44th Greg Sorensen Greg Sorensen 6years $52
44th Herschelle Carvery Koop Herschelle Carvery Koop 2years $52
44th Janice Sommerfeld Janice Sommerfeld 4years $52
44th Mike Clark Mike Clark 2years $52
49th Dianne Trask Dianne Trask 6years $36
49th Donald Van Halteren Donald Van Halteren $36
49th Gilda Hamilton Gilda Hamilton 2years $36
49th Katarina Puljak Katarina Puljak 4years $36
49th Maureen LEECH Maureen LEECH 4years $36
49th Taz Visram Taz Visram 7years $36
49th William Ecker William Ecker 3years $36
49th Zachary Wells Zachary Wells 6years $36
49th Zauha Rehman Qamar Zauha Rehman Qamar $36
58th Ryan Walker Ryan Walker 7years $30
59th Sandeep Bajaj Sandeep Bajaj 2years $21