Sue Dewar

8years All Star
Sue Dewar
Riding in memory of Riding for anyone affected by this disease.
Cancer is the largest killer of kids in Canada, 27 children are diagnosed every week. Please donate now and support my challenge to fight kids' cancer!
I've Ridden 1,173.6 km to fight kids' cancer
My Rankings
  • National: 182nd
  • Province: 100th in ON
I've raised $4,709 to fight kids' cancer Donate Now

I'm Riding For

Riding for anyone affected by this disease.

This first ride is in honour of Jane Hare. 💕 Ride #2 in honour of Cousin John B. 💕

My Story

6 Jun 2020

This August, I am taking part in the Great Cycle Challenge to fight kids' cancer!

Why? Because right now, over 1,400 children are diagnosed with cancer every year, and it's the biggest killer of children from disease in Canada.

Kids should be living life, not fighting for it.

So I am raising funds through my challenge to help these kids and support SickKids Foundation to allow them to continue their work in developing treatments and finding a cure for childhood cancer.

Please support me by making a donation to give these kids the brighter futures they deserve.

Your support will change little lives.

Thank you.

My Legacy

Here's my personal impact over 8 years to fight kids' cancer and save little lives.
  • 668 km Ridden
    $635 Raised
  • 502 km Ridden
    $761 Raised
  • 914 km Ridden
    $1,161 Raised
  • 1,108 km Ridden
    $1,738 Raised
  • 1,115 km Ridden
    $2,562 Raised
  • 1,280 km Ridden
    $4,368 Raised
  • 1,030 km Ridden
    $4,146 Raised
  • 1,174 km Ridden
    $4,709 Raised
7,791 km

My Challenge

  • That's a wrap!
    31 Aug 2023

    Just like that, done!

    The big picture: GCC riders across the country have pedalled 2,486,121km, and have raised $7,439,479, as of today!!!

    My stats: 18 rides, 1173.6km pedalled, 51 sponsors AND $4709 raised!!! Personal bests! Thank you!

    A HUGE shout out to my amazing supports and sponsors (in no particular order): Alyea Jewellers, Peter J, Sharon M, Ann Merry Mc, Ann K, Gary S, Gail M, John H, Jenny W, Hannah W, Becca W, Marg B, Angus B, Steve and Maureen T, Joanne M, Judy H, Sheila and Stew K, Juergen and Brenda S, Dan and Donna F, Danielle K, Elizabeth C, Cathy M, Theresa J, Lynne R, Sarah S, Jacquie F, Alison T, Sharon B, Kathi K, Bev T, Sue W, Nora M, Ivana A, Josh S, Taylor S, Lynda W, Mary C, Janet C, Debra S, Candy J, Judy C, Lynn R, Melanie T-K, Stefanie and Chris P, Alexina W, Steve C, Keith and Sandy C, Maggie D, Maggie A, and Kick Cancer's Butt Day!!! Phew!!!

    So, had time to think about the month, bear with me!

    The ABC's of GCC 2023:

    A. August, Ashton, Appleton, Almonte, apples, aches, arse

    B. Black Velvet (my bike's name), bike (d'uh), Blakeney, Beckwith, brakes, breaks, benches.

    C. Children, cancer-free, Challenge, Carleton Place, coffee, construction, Christ.

    D. Downhill, diaper rash, dogs, dog dazed, dog tired, done!

    E. Effort, endorphines, encouragement, enthusiasm, electrolytes, eighth year!

    F. Fabulous, fast (not me), fragrant flowers (really not me!)

    G. Goals, Great Cycle Challenge, giddy, gamey, grey mare!

    H. Helmet, helmet-head, hysteria, hydrate, hills, HEADWIND!

    I. Insane number of trucks, intersections, inner tubes!

    J. Jersey, and very proud to wear it!

    K. Kink in the neck, kilometres!

    L. Lally Rd (or is it Doo-Lally?), Lanark, lollygagging, laughter (see Aug 24th entry), light on!

    M. Month, metric century ride.

    N. Numbness, nether regions, new routes!

    O. Ottawa Valley, odometer, over! (btw, its never over!)

    P. Pakenham, Perth, Prospect, park and rides, partner, padding and a pickleball court painted on a driveway on 9th Line!

    Q. Quads! No quitting here!

    R. Roadkill.

    S. Sponsors, support, saddlebags, skunk, sunflowers, Scotty.

    T. Trucks, tandem-trucks, trails, Trans-Canada Trail, Tennyson, thistles, tired!

    U. UPHILL!!! Until next year!

    V. Vultures!

    W. Wind, weather, wasps, whimpers, wheels, wheelie fast, wheelie far!

    X. No X-rays needed, thankfully!

    Y. Because I can!

    Z. Z-z-z-z-z!

    Til next year, laters!!!

    My favourite song, btw!!! And to those wee champions, keep fighting!!!

    That's a wrap!
    Posted 89 days ago
  • 67.6 km ride - That's a wrap! - Thursday, August 31, 2023
    Logged this ride 90 days ago
  • What was I thinking?
    30 Aug 2023

    Two days off the bike, I needed, wanted to get out for another ride, wanted to finish strong, as they say. Rainy morning led to an afternoon ride. Scott kindly dropped me off at the Park and Ride, with words of encouragement. "Get out!"

    It was a bit windy. OK, a whole range of expletives may have been muttered, but best summed up by the immortal words of Claire Fraser, "Jesus H Roosevelt Christ!" I was almost blown off my bike! Checked weather network once I made it home, gusts were up to 35km/h.

    I tried to think like Lieutenant Dan (Forrest Gump), up the boat's mast, shaking his fist at the sky, "Is that all you've got?". But I couldn't take my hands off my handlebars.

    I tried to think of songs to distract me, but Running on Empty, Against the Wind, and Hello my Honey, Hello my Baby did not help. RIP that little frog I saw that conjured up that memory. 🐸

    I tried to find that endorphine rush that comes with exertion, tried to see myself as an athlete, but rush was not in my vocabulary!

    Ok, tomorrow, I hope to finish strong!

    What was I thinking?
    Posted 90 days ago
  • 57.1 km ride - What was I thinking? - Wednesday, August 30, 2023
    Logged this ride 91 days ago
  • Easy like a Sunday morning!
    27 Aug 2023

    After a bit of a break, my bike beckoned me today. And I beckoned Scott. Or summoned. Or coerced...

    A quick ride, into CP to stop at the Tim's. You know it's not good when you recognize the regulars, ie, you've become one. So be it.

    You know it's not good to ride with your mouth open.

    You know nothing good is going to come out of goats outside their yard, in the ditch.

    You also know it's not good to see half a skunk on the road.

    But it IS good that Cavanagh trucks don't run on a Sunday. And it IS good to come home to a cute yellow dog waiting for us. And it's really good to be meeting up with a very cute two year old for Gelato this afternoon. ❤🌻

    Easy like a Sunday morning!

    Easy like a Sunday morning!
    Posted 94 days ago
  • 43.4 km ride - Easy like a Sunday Morning! - Sunday, August 27, 2023
    Logged this ride 94 days ago
  • 🤪
    24 Aug 2023

    Thought I could get a ride in before losing the beautiful blue skies, even put sun screen on. Things headed south after that, even though I was going west.

    Soon realized that I was tired today. I know why. Cranky even. And I know why...

    So, it would be easy for this cranky pants to rant about the dump trucks, or the wind, or the rain drops, or the trucks, or the wind, but thats all old news. Or I could rant about the disregard of the Hwy Traffic Act in regards to safely passing cyclists. But if you're sponsoring this old grey hen, you understand.

    I could complain about the 25 turkey vultures who have moved into our neighbourhood, who are always looking for their next meal. Creepy!

    I could whine about the numbness in my neck and hands today, or my nether regions.

    Yep, grumpy today, and I know why.

    Because I was laughing. Because of brilliant, refreshing, nostalgic comedy.

    I stayed up late (for me) last night to watch the tribute to Carol Burnett for her 90th birthday. The many who were there to honour her, to speak of her career, her inspiration, her kindness, her brilliance, was second only to the memories of my family watching her show faithfully. Could hear my dad laughing, see tears running down his face as he tried to explain it to mom, who couldn't hear it very well. Brothers Angus and Bill laughing at Tim Conway's dentist skit, or Marg with a crush (wink wink) on Lyle Wagner (right, Judy?!!). I haven't laughed that hard in a long time!

    I couldn't get to sleep, having to look up some of their skits and bloopers.

    Comedy. Humour. Laughter. Need another dose of that medicine today. 1006km in the books!

    By far the funniest skit...long, but classic!

    Posted 97 days ago
  • 76.0 km ride - 🤪 - Thursday, August 24, 2023
    Logged this ride 97 days ago
  • PB in over 30 years!
    22 Aug 2023

    A rant first...

    Numbers stick in my head. In the 7.3km from my driveway to the dirt part of Fallowfield, 19 dump trucks passed me. That isn't including the flatbed carrying hay, the truck with a horse trailer, or the Sysco transport. This construction at the JTF2 Base has ended my use of Dwyer Hill, despite the paved shoulder. But it's only supposed to take 10 years...

    Done ranting. For now.

    Don't know if it was the delicious lunch I had yesterday at The Redneck Bistro, or the scrumptious home made peach jam (thanks, Stew!) I had on my bagel this morning, or the beautiful August day, but I just had to keep going!

    From home, to Ashton, CP, Blakeney to stop at Pakenham. People were friendly today, cyclists waved, farmers waved, roosters crowed, horses and cows just stared. Ride home had to be one of the quickest, once I got up hill in Pakenham. 103.8km, my 2nd Metric Century ride this month, and my longest in a long time!

    Had a song stuck in my head most of the way, 'Oh, What a Feeling' by Crowbar. Kind of appropriate since that's almost what I needed to get off my bike!

    PB in over 30 years!
    Posted 98 days ago
  • 103.8 km ride - PB in over 30 years! - Tuesday, August 22, 2023
    Logged this ride 99 days ago

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  • Anne Wallner
    “Go for it girl!”
    Received this donation 130 days ago
    Sue Dewar
    “Anne and Hermann!!! You have gone above and beyond, yet again! Your kindness, generosity and support is heartwarming. Thank you soooooo much for supporting the GCC, and me!❤”
  • Ivana Arambasic
    “Thanks for doing this again Sue! 🩵”
    Received this donation 141 days ago
    Sue Dewar
    “Ivana, I am so so floored and humbled by your continued support and kindness. You have made such an impact on these little lives, and me! Thank you so much, Ivana!”
  • Kick Cancer's Butt Day matched donation
    “Here's your matched donation made possible by the generosity of long-time SickKids Foundation supporters, the Garron family. THANK YOU so much for your awesome efforts to kick cancer's butt!”
    Received this donation 111 days ago
    Sue Dewar
    “Thank you so much for supporting GCC Canada once again. First class.❤”
  • Ann McLean
    “Way to go!”
    Received this donation 171 days ago
    Sue Dewar
    “Ann, you are sooooo kind and generous, once again. Sending you many hugs. Thank you, you've made me cry. Xxx”
  • Elizabeth Cameron
    “Go Sue Go!!”
    Received this donation 255 days ago
    Sue Dewar
    “Elizabeth! Your continued kindness and generosity is sooo much appreciated. Thank you for your support lovely lady!❤”
  • Melanie Thomas-Kelly
    “Keep up the good work Sue! You are amazing.”
    Received this donation 119 days ago
    Sue Dewar
    “Wow!!! Melanie!!! Thank YOU soooo much! That is very kind and super generous! Wow!!!!❤”
  • Sandy and Keith Chisholm
    “We're so proud of you Sue, and your faithful sidekick Scott. Not sure how you do it but we're so appreciative that you do!! All of the people that participate deserve a great big applause!”
    Received this donation 100 days ago
    Sue Dewar
    “You Chisels!!! Thank you for your tremendous support and kind words of encouragement, once again. You guys are the ones who deserve the applause and a hug or two! Xoxo”
  • Stewart Kennedy
    “You go girl. Hope the both of you have great weather.”
    Received this donation 117 days ago
    Sue Dewar
    “Stew and Sheila, thank you for your very generous support and hopes for good weather!! Very important! Very kind of you, again! Xxx”
  • Steve Carlson
    “Ride Sue Ride.🚴‍♀️🇨🇦 Love to read your daily blogs……even the smelly ones! ;-)”
    Received this donation 112 days ago
    Sue Dewar
    “Stevie C! You are the bollocks, you kill me! Thank you, thank you, thank you darlin! You've made my day. Very kind and generous. Xxx”
  • Cathy Macdonald
    “You rock girl! Go Roll 😊 🚴”
    Received this donation 119 days ago
    Sue Dewar
    “Cathy Mills Macdonald!!! You've made my day, and then some, QT! Thank you so much for your continued support, generosity and encouragement. You rock!!!❤🚴‍♀️”
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    Sue Dewar
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  • Hannah Westbrook
    “Go Sue!!!”
    Received this donation 131 days ago
    Sue Dewar
    “Hannah!!!! No way!!! You are soooo kind and generous to support your old grey aunt in the Challenge. Thank you so much, sweetie! Xoxo”
  • Jacquie Fuller
    “In honour of my great-niece, Logan, who has been "rolling with a tumour" for 16 years.”
    Received this donation 181 days ago
    Sue Dewar
    “Jacquie, thank you so much, again! I will also ride in honour of your great niece. Thank you!!!❤”
  • Janet Clarke
    “Way to go Sue!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️”
    Received this donation 114 days ago
    Sue Dewar
    “No, you! Thank you so much, Jannut!!! Your continued support for the Challenge means so much. As does your encouragement, sweetie! Thank you! Xxx”
  • Juergen Seeger
    “Go break a new record - NOT your leg!”
    Received this donation 166 days ago
    Sue Dewar
    “Haha! Hope not! Thank you soooo much neighbour! Your support and encouragement mean a lot! Thank you!😁”
  • Kathi Kerr
    “I know you will do your best and I know you will succeed!! God Bless...XOXO”
    Received this donation 151 days ago
    Sue Dewar
    “Awww, Kathi Kerr! You are so kind and supportive, thank you once again! Your encouragement means so much. Thank you and hope to see you soon, lovely lady! 😍”
  • Lynne Rochette
    “You are the BEST!!❣🚲❣ Stay safe on your rides!”
    Received this donation 205 days ago
    Sue Dewar
    “No, YOU ARE!!! Thank you soooooo much for your continued support, generosity and kindness. You are the bollocks Miss Day! ❤”
    “Thank you for doing this for such a wonderful cause!”
    Received this donation 145 days ago
    Sue Dewar
    “Maureen and Steve!!! You guys are the best! Thank you so much for your continued support, it means a lot. Thank YOU! Xxx”
  • Nora McEwen
    “Wishing you a GREAT RIDE, once again!!”
    Received this donation 131 days ago
    Sue Dewar
    “Nora!!! I just opened my emails, thank you soooo much for your kind support and generosity, again! It means a lot, to the Challenge and to me. Xxx”
  • Anonymous
    Received this donation 128 days ago
    Sue Dewar
    “OK, mystery person, aka, Peter Johnson!!! You are very kind and generous, and just a bit sneaky! But my spidey senses were correct!! Now I'm going to have to be nice to you! Thank you sooooo much!!!”
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