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Rank Name Raised
138th Grace Bugg Grace Bugg 5years $3,392
139th Jonathan Shapira Jonathan Shapira 2years $3,391
140th Tony Giancola Tony Giancola $3,384
141st John Sartori John Sartori $3,372
142nd Ron Porteous Ron Porteous 2years $3,367
143rd Jodi Biglow Jodi Biglow 3years $3,366
144th Frank Serratore Frank Serratore $3,364
145th Tim Murphy Tim Murphy 4years $3,358
146th Mike Santry Mike Santry 5years $3,356
147th Mark Hamby Mark Hamby 5years $3,331
148th Sharon McQuade Sharon McQuade 4years $3,321
149th Danièle Leroux Danièle Leroux 2years $3,310
150th Chris Edgell Chris Edgell 2years $3,293
151st Sara Caners Sara Caners 2years $3,291
152nd Kim Fleming Kim Fleming $3,290
153rd Andy Maher Andy Maher $3,288
154th Christopher Lynch Christopher Lynch 3years $3,279
155th Scott Mckim Scott Mckim 4years $3,268
156th Dave Raaff Dave Raaff 2years $3,260
157th Al Muma Al Muma 3years $3,246