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Rank Name Raised
1421st William Shirk William Shirk 3years $1,000
720th Rob Sigurdson Rob Sigurdson $1,463
3819th Georges Mokbel Georges Mokbel 6years $435
N/A Roz G Roz G $0
2591st Kevin Ramos Kevin Ramos $625
6317th Tina Leslie Tina Leslie 5years $104
794th David Sloan David Sloan 3years $1,375
5233rd Alan Kirkpatrick Alan Kirkpatrick 2years $230
57th Rafal Szymanski Rafal Szymanski 3years $4,521
615th Eric M Bedard Eric M Bedard 4years $1,597
N/A John Delmo John Delmo 3years $0
N/A John Campbell John Campbell $0
4760th John Morris John Morris $285
305th Susanne Spence Wilkins Susanne Spence Wilkins 2years $2,443
3245th Cameron Redmond Cameron Redmond $520
2739th Brian Innes Brian Innes 4years $598
21st Mike Engeland Mike Engeland 5years $6,582
5th Sandeep Bajaj Sandeep Bajaj 2years $13,558
956th Rick Schroeder Rick Schroeder 6years $1,241
451st Joe Myers Joe Myers $1,943