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Rank Name Raised
N/A Cathy Jansen Cathy Jansen $0
N/A Chase Wetherell Chase Wetherell $0
83rd Claude Laroche Claude Laroche $235
N/A Claudette Poupart Claudette Poupart $0
N/A Clinton Myers Clinton Myers $0
N/A Corey James Corey James $0
N/A Cynthia Lennox Cynthia Lennox $0
N/A Dale Sorensen Dale Sorensen $0
N/A Dan Linkert Dan Linkert $0
77th Dana Benoit Dana Benoit $250
158th Daniel Martin Daniel Martin $105
327th Daniel Rocha Daniel Rocha $25
299th Darlene Fontaine Darlene Fontaine $80
N/A Dave Dorosh Dave Dorosh $0
N/A Dave Maracle Dave Maracle $0
N/A Dave Power Dave Power $0
N/A David LeBlanc David LeBlanc $0
N/A David Perry David Perry $0
N/A Debbie Mcfarlane Debbie Mcfarlane $0
N/A Debbie Thomas Debbie Thomas $0