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Rank Name Raised
1599th Eugene Vandal Eugene Vandal 2years $1,454
348th Duncan Jewell Duncan Jewell $3,414
2829th Trenton Lalonde Trenton Lalonde 5years $986
316th Rafal Szymanski Rafal Szymanski 2years $3,579
3314th vincent gobuyan vincent gobuyan $825
790th Jorin Green Jorin Green 4years $2,505
N/A Tyrone Siglos Tyrone Siglos 3years $0
9114th Jeff Dawson Jeff Dawson 3years $50
4446th Allison Sauder Allison Sauder $628
N/A 재윤 이 재윤 이 2years $0
4419th Lee Hayward Lee Hayward 2years $631
3210th Christopher Brooks Christopher Brooks 2years $852
7577th Gemma Chua Gemma Chua $172
7821st Alan Gaudet Alan Gaudet 2years $147
N/A Jimmy Vo Jimmy Vo $0
5516th Aaron Hoag Aaron Hoag $511
N/A Rabih Bosaid Rabih Bosaid 2years $0
460th Mike Engeland Mike Engeland 4years $3,041
82nd Jim White Jim White $6,183