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Rank Name Raised
136th Bryce Eger Bryce Eger 2years $5,141
137th Matthew Lawson Matthew Lawson 2years $5,135
138th Ben Roczniak Ben Roczniak $5,133
139th Judy Hardes Judy Hardes 5years $5,126
140th Kara Smith Kara Smith 2years $5,111
141st Anna Sherlock Anna Sherlock 4years $5,106
142nd Bryden Tait Bryden Tait 6years $5,106
143rd Dave Raaff Dave Raaff $5,103
144th Dominic Daguerre Dominic Daguerre 2years $5,080
144th Elizabeth Lowe Elizabeth Lowe 3years $508
145th Dave Kleuskens Dave Kleuskens 3years $5,078
146th Sara Kowal Sara Kowal $5,073
147th Carley Rangen Carley Rangen $5,059
148th Colin Keefe Colin Keefe $5,048
149th Sonny Sekhon Sonny Sekhon 2years $5,043
150th Fanny Deval Fanny Deval 5years $5,033
151st Christo Andrich Christo Andrich $5,025
152nd Yip Kids Yip Kids $5,021
154th Gavin McAlister Gavin McAlister 6years $5,000