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Rank Name Raised
147th Fred Vermeer Fred Vermeer $100
147th Jared Luptak Jared Luptak $100
147th Jim Fairles Jim Fairles $100
147th Joanna Paul Joanna Paul $100
147th joe carr joe carr $100
147th Karen Jashyn Karen Jashyn $100
147th Karen Morgan Karen Morgan $100
147th Kyle McCauley Kyle McCauley $100
147th Louise Snider Louise Snider $100
147th Lynne Forest Montague Lynne Forest Montague $100
147th Madelyn Cross Madelyn Cross $100
147th Mark Eccleston Mark Eccleston $100
147th Marla Olinyk Marla Olinyk $100
147th Paul Stanley Paul Stanley $100
147th Remi Parent Remi Parent $100
147th Sandra Stevens Sandra Stevens $100
147th Sharon MacDonald Sharon MacDonald $100
147th Stuart De Jager Stuart De Jager $100
147th Suzanne Chamberland DeMoissac Suzanne Chamberland DeMoissac $100
147th Tina Leslie Tina Leslie $100