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Rank Name Raised
156th Klaas Slagter Klaas Slagter 2years $2,539
156th Maurice Mathieu Maurice Mathieu $2,574
157th Tracey Pierre Tracey Pierre 5years $2,569
158th Alberto Della Porta Alberto Della Porta 5years $2,560
159th Shaun Mason Shaun Mason $2,554
160th Nancy Ohm Nancy Ohm 2years $2,554
161st Scott Kelly Scott Kelly $2,549
162nd Brenda McNairn Brenda McNairn $2,548
163rd Juliette Colbourne Juliette Colbourne 4years $2,543
164th Amir Sahebjam Amir Sahebjam 3years $2,541
165th Kevin McKenna Kevin McKenna 2years $2,533
166th Dana Coulombe Dana Coulombe 4years $2,524
167th Troy Nouwen Troy Nouwen $2,520
168th Greg Rison Greg Rison $2,505
168th Lucie Robichaud Lucie Robichaud $2,505
170th Craig Redick Craig Redick $1,945
170th Darryl Toews Darryl Toews 2years $2,502
171st Anne Godin Anne Godin 2years $2,500
171st Cheryle Cavener Cheryle Cavener $2,500
171st Paulette Belanger Paulette Belanger 2years $2,500