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Rank Name Raised
2322nd Andres Cuenca Andres Cuenca $911
854th Hans Peter Liechti Hans Peter Liechti 4years $1,812
869th Brian Bohnert Brian Bohnert 4years $1,792
92nd Ron Porteous Ron Porteous 2years $5,101
N/A Durga Adithya Varma Bhupatiraja Durga Adithya Varma Bhupatiraja $0
617th Gordon Williams Gordon Williams 5years $2,232
3353rd Ian Condron Ian Condron $657
1947th Becky Simpson Becky Simpson 6years $1,039
2096th Brian Salsman Brian Salsman 2years $1,000
N/A Jesse Code Jesse Code 2years $0
1449th Evan Dempsey Evan Dempsey $1,282
6702nd Sandra Fletcher Sandra Fletcher $104
1095th John Banman John Banman 5years $1,521
1883rd Sharon MacDonald Sharon MacDonald 5years $1,064
1253rd Marc Talbot Marc Talbot 3years $1,402
N/A Ryan Gravis Ryan Gravis 7years $0
48th Louise Hammond Louise Hammond 3years $6,911
3220th Bana Zeeshan Bana Zeeshan 3years $683
2440th Dustin Wiebe Dustin Wiebe 2years $873