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Rank Name Raised
81st Roger Smith Roger Smith $1,935
82nd Manisha Gosain Manisha Gosain $1,925
83rd Rick Bueckert Rick Bueckert $1,915
84th Marc Girard Marc Girard $1,900
85th Bret Stewart Bret Stewart $1,890
86th James Chamberlain James Chamberlain $1,885
87th David Ghabro David Ghabro $1,870
88th Pete Lipohar Pete Lipohar $1,835
89th Roger Huestis Roger Huestis $1,820
90th Julian von Kursell Julian von Kursell $1,775
90th Neil Gibson Neil Gibson $1,775
92nd Bryan Osborne Bryan Osborne $1,765
92nd Jason Becker Jason Becker $1,765
94th Kamran Ghazian Kamran Ghazian $1,761
95th Ron Danis Ron Danis $1,756
96th Suzana Carla Nunes Lins EspĂ­ndola Suzana Carla Nunes Lins Espíndola $1,740
97th Jon Miller Jon Miller $1,729
98th Darryl Toews Darryl Toews $1,705
99th Darren Uyeno Darren Uyeno $1,690
100th Leslie Percy Leslie Percy $1,685