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Rank Name Raised
1731st Steven Sloat Steven Sloat $756
5906th Tom Eminowicz Tom Eminowicz $70
2100th Will Prentice Will Prentice $661.60
54th Edward McGurran Edward McGurran $4,075
1791st julian puscasu julian puscasu $737.78
5199th Nicholas Dureault Nicholas Dureault $120
5906th Dale Irwin Dale Irwin $70
N/A Emily Arco Dulay Graves Emily Arco Dulay Graves $0
5440th Chanie Pritchard Chanie Pritchard $100
N/A Darryl Stannard Darryl Stannard $0
276th John Wakefield John Wakefield $2,177.18
3786th Darryl Campbell Darryl Campbell $335
920th Katie Borbely Katie Borbely $1,095.76
N/A Tim Epp Tim Epp $0
N/A Colleen Malcolm Colleen Malcolm $0
609th Shane Alfreds Shane Alfreds $1,385
N/A John Botelho John Botelho $0
N/A Andrew Weston Andrew Weston $0
6478th Wayne Turgeon Wayne Turgeon $40.96
N/A Ali Ziyaei Ali Ziyaei $0