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Rank Name Raised
26th Robert Hurst Robert Hurst $245
N/A Robert Legault Robert Legault $0
N/A Amanda Dauphinee Amanda Dauphinee $0
21st Amy Sinclair Amy Sinclair $260
N/A Andy Ivory Andy Ivory $0
N/A Anthony Tondino Anthony Tondino $0
N/A Barry Palik Barry Palik $0
N/A Basil (Jerry) Jones Basil (Jerry) Jones $0
N/A Brad Hannusch Brad Hannusch $0
100th Brian Bohnert Brian Bohnert $70
30th Caleb Weatherbee Caleb Weatherbee $220
N/A Carl Forde Carl Forde $0
N/A Chad Komarnisky Chad Komarnisky $0
50th Chris Olmstead Chris Olmstead $130
24th Cory Alyea Cory Alyea $250
N/A Cyprien Morisse Cyprien Morisse $0
N/A Dale Madill Dale Madill $0
N/A Daniel Savchuk Daniel Savchuk $0
N/A Dwayne Doucette Dwayne Doucette $0
N/A Egan Done Egan Done $0