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Rank Name Raised
6908th Mary-Jo Weir Weiss Mary-Jo Weir Weiss $20
1389th Brian Bohnert Brian Bohnert $800
863rd Aldo Giordano Aldo Giordano $1,035.76
6365th Thomas Batz Thomas Batz $35
185th Philip Clark Philip Clark $2,289.75
5936th Sharanjit Singh Padda Sharanjit Singh Padda $621.94
302nd Bob Carver Bob Carver $1,838.52
3921st Debbie Leger Debbie Leger $260
4670th Ross Johnston Ross Johnston $150
2977th Steve Cochrane Steve Cochrane $470
3655th Jon Manweiller Jon Manweiller $310
4186th Christopher Tomasini Christopher Tomasini $219.69
1121st Robert Akins Robert Akins $900
489th Lana Olsen Lana Olsen $1,422.34
1323rd Dale Madill Dale Madill $817.16
N/A jeff beeston jeff beeston $0
499th Rex Schultz Rex Schultz $1,404.59
440th Jacob Bondy Jacob Bondy $1,531
N/A Keith Burnage Keith Burnage $0
N/A Michelle Arduini Michelle Arduini $0